Countering boredom with productivity

Last week, I was kicked out of the training. Well, not really kicked out, more like forced to join another batch, but it’s a long story and I’m not in the mood to go through the events again (but I am firm, he should have let me continue!)

For the remainder of the week (and it’s only Tuesday!), I have nothing to do. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling bored. But then I remembered something I read that only boring people get bored and I refuse to be branded as boring so, in Barney’s (of HIMYM fame) words, I stopped being boring and became awesome productive instead.

For over a month, I’ve been craving for Wicked Waffles. And when I say crave, I mean the one that’s almost physically painful. My training mates decided to try the place during my GM Diet week and against my id, I scrolled down my Facebook News Feed to rid my eyes of the freaking photo of TJ’s Peanut Butter Waffle (but it was too late and I am scarred for life). I promised myself I will address the craving as soon as I finish GM but by that time, it was already gone. It came to life again during the worst moment possible, during that one time when me and my friends loitered at their store while waiting for the heavy rain to pass. Why was it the worst moment possible? Because I was again, on (my second, albeit failed) GM week. They were eating the damn waffles like they were so damn good. Ugh.

Last Wednesday, craving and timing were both there so I grabbed the chance. I was the lone customer.

SONY DSCI was supposed to drink just water but the staff talked me into spending more and buying their bestseller, Cookies and Cream smoothie? frappe? I forgot. Obviously, I am easily persuaded by sales talk. I’m sure those who have a sweet tooth would love this one because it’s, how do I put it, sweet. Not the gross kind from too much sugar but the flavorful kind. And the amount of crushed cookies is generous. Maybe it’s a result of months of sticking with good ol’ water because I’m not used to drinking my calories anymore. After consuming less than half, I couldn’t accommodate another sip of this drink.

SONY DSCAnd the waffles, freshly made upon order. I initially wanted Cookie Butter but it wasn’t available so I had banana hazelnut instead because I figured the fruit would somehow lessen the sweetness and this was one of the flavors my friends had the last time.

SONY DSCAnd it was worth my craving and my pain. haha. The waffle was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the banana did balance out the flavor. Actually, the waffle alone was satisfying enough. The fillings were some sort of added bonus. Not to mention it’s served warm, fresh from the waffle-maker(?). Unfortunately, I always need something salty in between sweet things, sweet drink + sweet meal doesn’t suit me so I was only able to finish half of this heavenly thing. I was thinking of forcing it in my stomach but that would only mess with the good memories I have of the waffle so no. Can’t wait to try the cookie butter flavor next time.

SONY DSCAfter Wicked Waffle, I decided to drop by the Philippine Post Office to mail a postcard to someone in Russia. I joined this website Postcrossing (thanks to Dora Trishia) where people from all over the world send post cards to strangers! It’s a nice effort to bring back the charm of handwritten and tangible forms of communication in this e-world of ours.

SONY DSCRumor has it this building would be turned into a hotel just like Fullerton in Singapore and I am partial with the idea. If it’s the only way to prevent the structure from being torn down then why not but where will Philippine post relocate?

SONY DSCWhile roaming around the vicinity I thought about my post card and the days (or weeks) I had to wait before it is delivered. And then I thought, my generation’s impatience can be blamed in simple things like waiting for a letter to arrive. The idea of “delayed gratification” is somewhat foreign to us.

SONY DSCAfter the Post Office I went to Philippine General Hospital to share some blood. It’s my fourth time to blood let but my first time to give at the actual Blood Bank because  I usually donate in my Alma mater where PGH organizes a blood drive once or twice a year. Uhm, what can I say? It’s more comfortable to donate at our school because the air conditioner is stronger, the chairs softer and cleaner plus there’s free food. But then again, you don’t do something good because of the things you gain from the act, you help because it’s what humans are made to do.

SONY DSCThe medical technologist had a hard time finding a suitable vein, good thing I was used to the needle being retracted and inserted again under my skin. I was a bit shy though because my bloodletting time was so slow it took me close to an hour to fill up a 450 cc bag. I was the first to be inserted with the needle and the last to leave. The bag beside mine (pictured below) was from the second or third guy who occupied the cot beside me and still, it filled up faster than mine.

SONY DSCPosted in the room is a board entitled “blood donor thoughts” and it read

The needle is small and sharp,
The nails were large and dull.
The cot is soft and restful,
The cross is rough and hard.

Mine is type “O” positive;
     His is positive for all.
Mine at best,
     will prolong life for a while;
His, without doubt,
     saves all forever.


4 thoughts on “Countering boredom with productivity

    1. nako Pags, di ko pa natikman belgian waffles eh so wala talaga akong point of comparison. haha. tara try natin? :] san ba meganon? ganda no, nakakatouch hehe

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