Jam-packed saturday: brunch, merienda and dinner

All along I knew that our training would only last for two weeks so my agenda on the weekend where I’m supposed to be free was full. And then I was told that we still need to have another week of training which sort of soured my mood (I can be spontaneous but I hate sudden changes in schedule, what?). But I couldn’t really let the people expecting me down so let the good times roll. Thank God for coffee and other stimulants.


Bebe and I are back in Kapitolyo after months!

Abi, who is just 5 minutes away from the  village, suggested we try RUB Ribs and BBQ along East Kapitolyo drive. The place is located on the ground floor of a building and it’s kind of easy to miss because the sign is not that prominent so watch out for this cream-colored concrete.

SONY DSCWe missed you Abi! And we envy your ombre hair.

pageRUB’s menu is pretty simple, mostly meat and carbs. I wanted to try different items but they’re best known for their Raki’s BBQ Ribs. This can be ordered in three different servings. Their Family Brunch is good for four persons and it includes 3 side dishes. Super Duo has 2 side dishes while Solo is served with one side dish plus rice.

SONY DSCThe place, just like most restaurants in Kapitolyo, is not very spacious and there are only 7 to 9 tables so it easily fills up. Good thing we arrived before 12 noon because there was already a line forming outside after we left. According to Abi, the wait is even worse during dinnertime.

SONY DSCWe usually order different dishes for diversity purposes but not this time. No one was willing to try another entry other than the Rib and potato salad combination. With the generous serving, it’s reasonably priced at 200 pesos. The meat was tender and delicious. I’m torn between ordering potato salad again and my curiosity to try their other side dishes (I hear garlic spinach is good) the next time I visit because I like the salad so much I even finished Abi’s share.

SONY DSCSimot to the bones.

SONY DSCFor something sweet, we visited Lia’s Cakes in Season, also along East Kapitolyo drive.

SONY DSCAnd we were the lone customers, yay!

SONY DSCCakes in display. Unlike most people, I’m not addicted to sweets but these look delicious.

SONY DSCLeft to right: Avocado Sansrival, the best among the three that we had according to Abi and Dai. This is the crunchy version (because there are smooth sansrivals) and it wasn’t too sweet though the challenge is to cut and eat without flying crumbles. Avocado cake, what the shop is most known for and definitely worth coming back to especially if, like me, you prefer your cakes not chocolate-flavored. Banana Caramel, Maybe it’s because of the aftertaste of the two other cakes but this tasted quite like avocado to me except of course whenever I eat the banana.


While at the MRT station bound for Taft Avenue, my schwester sent a message telling me to meet her at Trinoma. Since we live in different places and I barely see her, I immediately changed my route to the other end. Together with Pangs, we ate merienda at California Pizza Ktichen.

SONY DSCRipe mango shake which tasted like ripe mango shake. As long as I can’t feel any crushed ice, I’m good.

SONY DSCFried Mozzarella, “Deep-fried Mozzarrella in wonton wrapper with Marinara sauce“. Consume fast because the texture becomes bad after a few minutes. Otherwise, this was good because I love cheese and it’s not nakakaumay thanks to the sauce.

Thai Chicken Satay, “Grilled Chicken marinated with ginger, lemon, peanuts and Serrano peppers garnished with cilantro and served with Thai peanut sauce“. Chicken was bordering on the dry side but the peanut sauce saved the day.

Fettuccine with garlic cream sauce, “Garlic-Parmesan cream sauce with parsely“. Just the right balance of garlic and cream though a bit bland without any other ingredients, will add chicken or shrimp next time. The bread sucks.

Original crust BBQ Chicken, “BBQ sauce, smoked Gauda, Mozzarella, BBQ chicken, red onions and cilantro”. Prolly the best among the four things we ordered. Even my father, who thinks only thin-crust pizzas are delicious, liked this one. Onions were thinly-sliced I didn’t have to remove them. Imagine the possibilities if this was thin crust.

12123Thank you schwester for the treat!

SONY DSCWhile walking around Trinoma we spotted Toblerone’s booth dedicated for Father’s Day Celebration. I remembered what one taxi driver told  me, that celebrations as such were only perpetrated by Malls to elicit consumerism. Anyway, we teasingly bought Pangs a chocolate and jokingly showered him with kisses and thank yous while telling him that he’s nag-iinarte. It might look like my sister and I were playing with our father. We’re not a serious bunch but I swear we are sincere. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY PANGS!


Nicky was bound to leave for an indefinite stay in Canada. We’re not sure when we’ll be seeing each other again. Goodbyes such as these elicit reunions and that’s exactly what we had for dinner. I wasn’t expecting that that many of my high school classmates would attend because our lives have moved on to different paths ever since our graduation in 2008. Some of them I regularly see, others, I haven’t been in touch with for more than three years! Kudos Nicks for being able to gather 19 of us in one single night! :]

Toffee’s shirt, I covet.

SONY DSCWhere else would our huge number and not-so-huge-pockets bring us but Shakey’s! I think it’s kind of weird to talk to someone again after so long. You need to establish a common ground and the conversation is sure to have some dull and unsure moments here and there but after a couple of minutes, it gets better and it starts to feel like *prepare for a cliche* nothing has changed (though that’s a huge lie because things ALWAYS change).

4444Nicky with our simple surprise.

SONY DSCThis picture right here says “From north to south, wherever in Metro Manila“.

SONY DSCPaparazzi shot daw.

SONY DSCThe Charry Manuel pose.

SONY DSCAfter dinner, some went home already while most decided to loiter at Mezza Residences where Maine, Lil and Cza lives.

SONY DSC SONY DSCBottomline is, more than 10 of us squeezed ourselves in the studio unit Maine’s family rents out (fortunately no lessee as of the moment). No bed sheets, pillows and blankets. No shower and brushing of teeth. Still, it was so much fun. We were laughing so hard from things I don’t quite remember anymore that the security guard knocked on our door 5 times because the resident of the adjacent unit was complaining. After every interruption, we would be quiet for about 5 to 10 minutes and then the hysterics would begin again (at some point, we were covering each others’ mouths to minimize the noise and this would tickle us even more). The cycle continued until the guard threatened to report our behavior to the management which will then call the attention of the unit owner. Good thing this was at around 3AM, most of us were tired of laughing anyway so we slept.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCWe woke up very early on Sunday (as in 5:30 AM early) because the weekend isn’t over yet.

SONY DSCThe rest of us went home while me and my beloved ballugers hailed a cab to Buendia for our Villa Escudero stint. :]


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