independence day with Pangs

First stop is our favorite SM, the Clearance outlet in Carriedo.

SONY DSCNext of course was dinner at Binondo which was walking distance from the mall. When I was new in Manila, I remember being irritated whenever my father tells me we can walk to our next destination because it’s allegedly ‘near’. His definition of near is a 15-minute walk and though that’s relatively near for most people, I was a hardcore sedentary back then and that’s already very far in my vocabulary. Over the years tho, I have come to appreciate and actually like walking. If not for fear of my life thanks to robbers, fear of my temper thanks to the heat and fear of my health thanks to pollution, I would love to walk the streets of Manila more often.

Anyway, we grabbed some early dinner at Chuan Kee, just beside Eng Bee Tin. I like the interior of the place and just like what I’ve said before, this is how I want 3 sisters to look like in the future except the colors would be red and yellow instead of violet.

SONY DSCHoller Pangs! I woke up one morning and found him cleaning the room which means I have to pass on scheduled hang-outs with friends especially the ones involving alcohol. But that’s okay because I would easily choose my father every time.

SONY DSC SONY DSCHe ordered his favorite combo, Tofu, Kiampong and soup. I don’t get his love for tofu because it tastes like soya to me and I am not a big fan of soya.

SONY DSCKikiam. Together with Kiampong rice, they’re noms.

SONY DSCAnd asado Mami. The meat wasn’t tender and it’s kind of sweet for my taste but the broth was delicious and the noodles, decent. I still prefer Lingnam’s version.

SONY DSCAfter dinner, we went to Lucky Chinatown Mall for the free air conditioning. Here is my father scolding me for bringing out my camera to take a picture of the entrance. Pangs is so paranoid he believes everywhere is dangerous and everyone have bad intentions (his favorite, “tiniktikan ka na“). I’m not really sure why he thinks that way but it’s always a source of misunderstanding between us, me and my faith in humanity versus him and his grim reality.

SONY DSCSince I only banned myself from eating Lay’s Salt and Vinegar flavor, I figured I can have Kettle Brand’s sea salt and vinegar which is tangier and saltier. I finished one bag all by myself and immediately felt guilty afterwards. #ObeseProblems

SONY DSCEven though  I’ve been to the mall a couple of times, it was my first time to see this al fresco area. It’s nice but you cannot hide the fake-ness of it all. I hope Binondo doesn’t turn into another area full of slabs of concrete. I want the quaint little restaurants and Old Binondo’s charm to still be there many years from now.

pageAfter Binondo, Pangs and I went to SM Manila to catch a bus home. While he went to the bathroom, I tried the Spam Jam kiosk out of curiosity. SPAM Jam is actually a yearly festival of the popular meat product Spam.

SONY DSCI had Spam Musubi, “grilled slice of Spam luncheon meat on flavored rice, pressed together to form a small block then wrapped with a strip of seaweed (nori)” plus blue lemonade. My order was just microwaved so the freshness is questionable though it’s Spam first and foremost, a kind of preserved meat so who am I to complain? I enjoyed this meal because I love spam and rice and am beginning to like nori as well. I just hate the excess fluid (you know, the one on top when you open a can of Spam?) because it’s gross. Also, the serving may appear small but it made me fuller than I expected.

SONY DSCOn one part of the mall is an “I ❤ PINAS” decoration. I wanted to take a picture but these two girls wouldn’t leave. Happy Independence Day, Pinas! Hope your people stops leaving, molesting or burdening you.



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