GM no. 5

I need to lose weight fast to move on to the next level. Specifically, I need to lose 2 kg in two weeks. It sounds easy and very plausible except the weighing scale at the employee’s clinic seems to hate me and I want to be sure.

Hence, I gave in and tried the diet my facilitator has been advertising for a long time, the General Motors or GM Diet believed to have been developed for employees and dependents of General Motors, Inc and field tested at Johns Hopkins and so and so. I might or might not write about my 7-day journey towards a healthier and lighter me but it is enough to say that I was first hesitant to try the said regimen because the story behind it was not legit (no proof that it was really developed by General Motors and etc).

Based on Google searches, I found out there are different versions roaming around the internet but I am following the copy my facilitator gave me which said that the 5th day is the feast day because I will eat two 10 oz portions of lean beef combined with six whole tomatoes plus one quart of water on top of the 10 glasses/day requirement. This post is about my effort to follow the somewhat strict diet. I am so serious with this that I even cooked, despite my laziness and busy schedule.

All throughout day four, I was thinking of a way to put the six tomatoes in my stomach because I am not fond of the fruit (scientifically speaking, tomatoes are fruits because they’re developed from the ovaries of plants). My facilitator said he ditched the tomatoes when he did the diet and I was planning on removing them too but the OC in me wanted to follow the directions as much as possible. During my jeepney ride home, a bulb in my head lit up, the answer was to combine the beef and the tomatoes and to be able to do so, I need to utilize ground beef! Prinz, Junnel and Howell, my ever supportive friends said they’ll accompany me at Zark’s after training to stuff myself with beef patties so I only needed to cook 10 oz to get me through the day.

10 ounces was approximately 1/4 kilo and I was really excited on my way to the nearest supermarket because 5th day would be “a feast” according to the guide. However, I was disappointed with how little 1/4 kilo was. On second thought, after three days of purely fruits and veggies, any kind of protein is welcome. On my way home, I passed by a sari-sari store, spotted some eggs and remembered what Rhoby said that egg whites are good sources of protein. Assuming that day 5 is a high-protein day, I bought two eggs plus a small sachet of margarine (just because I love how it smells when sauteed). I didn’t actually know what I’d do with the ingredients I bought, the basic premise was to combine them all together in a delicious meal. Okay, I’m fine even without the “delicious” part.

SONY DSCFirst step is to separate the egg whites from the yolks. It’s fairly easy to do because I’ve had ample practice playing with eggs in the past. The yolks went directly to the trash otherwise I’d be tempted to include them in my meal if they just sit in the countertop staring at me with those yellow eyes.

SONY DSCMelt the butter.

SONY DSCAdd meat. Saute the garlic (BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING ELSE) until golden brown.

SONY DSCNow add meat for real.

SONY DSCStir using spoon (because you don’t want to wash too many utensils) until it looks cooked enough.

SONY DSCAdd tomatoes.

SONY DSCBecause you do not want to add unnecessary items like knife and chopping board in your to-wash pile, use fork instead in mushing the tomatoes.

SONY DSCTo add drama, make a hole in the middle of the pan

SONY DSCAnd put the egg whites there then stir vigorously lest you want to have a hard time washing the unfortunately not non-stick pan.

SONY DSCWhile cooking, I was thinking of all the ways I can add calories to this dish. Ah, this would be good with mayonnaise. Or nachos. Probably cheese. All of them would be great. I. MUST. STOP.

SONY DSCThe finished product. One for breakfast and another for lunch. I swear it’s delicious though I maybe biased. I let some friends try it and they said the flavor was pure beef. Maybe it’s their way of saying nicely that it lacked flavor. And it IS bland but that’s the whole point of going on a diet and cooking healthy, you don’t rely on Magic Sarap and other MSGs to satisfy your palate. haha.

SONY DSCAnd the best part? I only had to wash the following.

SONY DSCDay five went well though it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The problem with this day is that I get hungry in between the three big meals. Unlike with fruits day where I can eat during lectures, I needed to wait til lunch break before eating my baon.

Special thanks to CJ for braving the GM week with me. Everything really is easier when you’re not alone. We survived and I lost 2 kg albeit temporaily because I gained the weight back after satisfying all my cravings the following week. I started GM Diet again yesterday. Unfortunately, I got sick today thanks to the decreased resistance and the freaking weather. Who knows when I’ll start again.


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