choc kiss on a rainy Sunday

Went to UP Diliman for my dose of chocolate kiss with some of my high school friends. I thought it would just be the usual ballug composed of Jov, Nicks, Katie, Cza and I. Turns out I will see Lil and Maine as well.

We arrived at around lunch time, went to the second floor where the restaurant is and was welcomed by a sign that said “Closed”. Our contingency plan was Banapple in Katipunan but then it started to rain and rain is the enemy of commuters. Good thing a group of people arrived, asked the security guards where ChocKiss was and then the guard pointed on the left side of Bahay ng Alumni. We followed them and voila, there was the restaurant full with the lunchtime crowd. Not sure if this is the new location or just another branch (in the same building, really?).

SONY DSCPesto Penne, “Penne pasta tossed with basil and walnuts blended in olive oil & garlic“. This was delicious though the waiter forgot to include chicken strips in Jov’s order. The serving was good for two if you’re not really hungry but I sure can finish one alone.

SONY DSCLomi, “Fresh egg noodles sautΓ©ed in chicken, pork, liver, Chinese sausage, special fish balls, and vegetables“.

SONY DSCChicken Asparagus, “Grilled chicken, asparagus and mayo, with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, sandwiched in whole wheat bread“.

SONY DSCChicken Kiev, “Roulade of tender chicken breast filled with cream cheese, butter, and herbs. Served with mixed vegetables and rice“. A bit dry, nothing compared to Cafe Adriatico’s version.

SONY DSCAnd Chocolate Kiss Suite: Dayap, Carrot cake, Devil’s food cake, Orange Chiffon cake, Quezo Chiffon cake and Kahlua butter cake. ChocKiss is famous for these most especially Dayap but I like Quezo Chiffon the most (cheeeeseeee!). Nonetheless, all of them were delicious. Better eat your main dishes somewhere else and grab desserts here.

SONY DSC SONY DSCI left the house that Sunday promising myself to be back home at 5 PM to mentally prepare myself for the first day of my training but just like every other go-home-early promises I made, it was broken because my friends suddenly decided to watch a film, something we haven’t done in ages (the last movie I remember is Alice in Wonderland).

Hangover 3 was funny but not as funny as the first film in the franchise. I could’ve just watched it online. The plot is implausible but the viewers don’t care. The movie did not start with a “hangover” and it doesn’t happen until the last 10 minutes. Brandon Cooper is everyone’s favorite and I am a lover of the unpopular so I’m letting everyone have him (lol). Just like most of the last-film-in-a-franchise, it’s full of nostalgia-inducing scenes.

SONY DSCAfter the film we went to Mezza Residences to pick up the things I left from my short live-in stint with Fae.

Since she lived in the same building, we dropped by Maine’s pad. Haven’t seen her in ages and nothing has changed, she’s still a bubbly person and med school ain’t taking that away from her. :]



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