No. 43 – The girl with the dragon tattoo

I’ve had henna once, I got it with my high school friend PC and we paid 50 pesos for it. It was around my wrist and the “artist” didn’t know how to control the flow of ink so it ended up pretty bad with the design not clearly visible. When I went home, my father saw it, scolded me saying I looked really dirty and forced me to scrub my wrist raw until all the traces of henna is removed. And you’d think I’d never want to have henna ever again but no. In fact, the event inspired me to get a decent one so that’s exactly what I did before leaving Pagudpud.

henna (2)Since I was to have my training in the hospital and tattoos are a no-no, I needed to put it someplace where it cannot be seen when I’m in my white nurse’s uniform. I was wearing a polo shirt at that time and I didn’t feel like removing it just for the sake of henna. The only place left is my leg so my leg it is. I saw a really nice dragon design and Budoy, which I assume is the assistant, copied the image free-hand on my leg using a pink-colored pen. His drawing was hard to understand so I asked him, “Maiintindihan ba yan ni kuya (the artist)?” to which he replied “Maiintindihan ko yan“. Ooops.

hena1While I was haggling with the price, I heard him complain “Ang laki nga eh (referring to my legs)” in Ilocano. I shouted “Hoy kuya, I can Β understand Ilocano!” to which he said excuses. I was deaf to his words and thanks to his remarks, the price went down from 200 to 150 pesos. haha.

The process was so meticulous it took him 30 minutes to finish and I was so happy with the outcome.

hena2Budoy the artist and Dragon the masterpiece. lol.

aThe challenge though, was to let the tattoo dry without ruining the design.



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