On beaches

I’m not a beach person because (1) I don’t know how to swim, (2) I don’t like wearing clothes that expose too much skin and (3) I don’t enjoy the sun. I try my best to pass or evade any invitations involving it or better yet, manipulate the people into changing the venue (lol). This year though, I’ve been to the beach twice (which is a feat considering I haven’t been in one for years) and I am starting to appreciate the place everyone claims to want to go to come summer time.

We woke up early since it was the last day of our road trip and we had to leave Ilocos Norte after lunch. This time, I was able to appreciate the beauty of Pagudpud. I’m sure it’s less developed than Boracay (haven’t been there) but I like it just the way it is.

SONY DSCWalking through the stretch of sand in the morning was nice because most of the tourists are (probably) still sleeping so it’s not very crowded.

pagudpud (26)Hannah’s is the biggest (and most expensive) resort on this side of Pagudpud and we were curious about how it looked like inside so we paid 50 pesos each for the entrance fee inclusive only of photo ops with their so-called theme-park.

SONY DSCPretended we had enough money for the Presidential Suite. We weren’t able to take a look inside the room but I believe the only difference between it and our home stay is the presence of Wi-Fi, the inclusion of breakfast and the thought that you are booked in a resort/hotel. Maybe I’m just sour-graping so don’t mind me. Nyaha.

pagudpud (31)And the theme-park didn’t have any thrilling rides. It’s just composed of statues of television and movie characters scattered around the resort. There’s nothing interesting to see, really. Hannah’s is a compound of concrete blocks and the only thing to do is take vain pictures.

pagudpud (33) pagudpud (36)pagudpud (40)On the topmost part of the resort though, is a great view of the sea.

SONY DSCWhich also makes for a good background in yet another vanity picture.

pagudpud (39)The obligatory group jump shot.

pagudpud (2)Oh hello there, blue water, green mountains and white sand!

pagudpud (4)I thought there would be too many vacationists in the morning, I was glad to be wrong. Another reason why I didn’t like going to beaches is the density of people flocking the place (especially children because they pee anywhere). When I was younger and my maternal side of the family go to bodies of water during summertime, I remember being grossed out by the thought that hundreds if not thousands of people are bathing in the same hundred feet of water. At one point, I was in an elevated place and I saw the difference in the color of the ocean: brownish near the shoreline, greenish in the middle and then bluish farther away. I wanted to swim at the blue part but there was a tiny problem with my plan, I didn’t know how to freaking swim.

pagudpud (6) pagudpud (3) pagudpud (5) pagudpud (9)Since none of us were brave enough to go farther than waist-length deep, we just spent the time playing on the shore, laughing, exchanging stories, taking pictures and welcoming the waves.

pagudpud (12) pagudpud (13) pagudpud (15) pagudpud (17)After an hour or so when the sun was becoming harsher and harsher, we mustered enough courage to go further in search of cooler waters.

pagudpud (20)When it was time to go, I was actually sad to leave. I wanted to stay and chill longer. Finally, I might have an understanding on why the beach is so inviting. From this time on, I might not be too KJ (kill joy) when friends gush on wanting to “bask in the sun” and the like. And next time, I will surely bring beach paraphernalia most especially sun block. Gah, I’m such a neophyte with “beach-ing” I ended up with first degree burns.

And as the saying goes, leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.

SONY DSC*Some of the photo credits go to Charisse Socan. Thanks Cha!


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