Malacanang ti Amianan: didn’t know I had a dream house

Malacanang of the North is one of the many remnants of the late president Ferdinand Marcos scattered around Ilocos Norte, his territory. As the name suggests, this was the official residence of the First Family whenever they were in Ilocos during their regime, a gift from then First Lady Imelda Marcos to his husband on his 60th birthday. Now, the place is turned into a museum for Marcos memorabilia and is under the care of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte.

malacanang (4)The two-storey house is within a 5-hectare property that overlooks Paoay Lake. It’s huge humongous when compared to the living space of a typical middle-class Filipino (especially the tiny studious in recently developed condominiums) but for a mansion, it’s quite humble. This is already my second time to visit the place, first was way back in high school during a girl scout field trip but I wasn’t able to appreciate it at that time due to the high density of people roaming around.

SONY DSCThis time though, there were only a few sightseers since it’s a weekday and summer vacation is almost over. The first thing you notice upon entering are the huge doors leading up to the first floor veranda. Natural light was very abundant there was no need for electricity.

SONY DSCI love the fact that there weren’t too many furniture and you can actually breathe because there’s space enough for children to play. Heck, you can even jog around the receiving area. The first floor was tiled while the second had shiny hardwood floors.

SONY DSCPlus, the ceilings were high and graced by beautiful chandeliers.

SONY DSC SONY DSCDolls, probably owned by the Marcos kids and a four-poster bed because I have always dreamed of sleeping in one. This simple furniture I covet. Only, the mattress and foam should be thicker and fluffier. And no, I don’t like curtains.

malacanang 2Some framed photographs of the Marcos household.

malacanang (14)A couple ofΒ sala sets were scattered around the house and they all seemed comfortable to sit and converse with another human being on.

malacanang (8) malacanang (13) SONY DSC SONY DSCOn the second floor are sliding windows which welcome you to a beautiful view of Paoay Lake. Probably thanks to the lake, the temperature inside the house wasn’t as bad as I expected. The huge windows are also good for ventilation.

SONY DSCMy favorite part of the house (followed by Marcos’ study room and library) was the second floor veranda. The tiles are blue and there are rocking chairs. This spot is perfect for afternoon siestas. I can imagine myself spending my lazy mornings and afternoons (because at night it might get a little scary) here reading a good book, chatting with loved ones, listening to music or simply staring at the view while entertaining whatever thought comes to mind.

SONY DSCThis, by the way, is the view.

SONY DSCMalacanang of the North is very close to how I want my future house to look like. Funny because I didn’t even know I had a “dream house”, I just found myself thinking “I can get used to going home to this place till my last day” the moment I stepped inside. It’s not the size, I can get by with something smaller. It’s the homey ambiance, simplicity, good ventilation, not-cramped space, serenity and provincial feel of it all. Only, mine would have a fully-functioning kitchen and a barbecue and I’d make it more waterproof in case of typhoons.

While roaming around, I was already tweaking some details in my head, a bookshelf here, a billiard table there, lots of framed photographs and so on. Talk about wishful thinking. Nyaha!


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