tbX: The Basoy Xperience

I have visited my maternal grandparents’ house in Lipa City more times in the past year than all of the summer vacations I had since birth combined. It’s where I seek refuge whenever I have breaks that are too long I can’t stay in Manila doing nothing and too short I can’t risk the 12 hour journey to Isabela. Thank God for the AC-TEX because travel time was cut to half. I remember, Manila to Lipa was more or less 3 hours when I was younger. Now it’s only 90 minutes, 60 if the traffic gods are with you.

During my last visit, Ate Janine, Ate Carla and Kuya Kim brought me to The Basoy Xperience, a restaurant and cafe in Balabag. According to Ate Janine, “basoy” is a shortened word forΒ batangenong tisoy or half-bred Batangeno.

SONY DSCtbX is beside a carwash so I guess the owners had the brilliant idea of building a place where their customers can relax while waiting for their automobiles.Β I think the place is a restaurant during daylight but LCD projectors, drums, and other musical instruments are set up at night because it turns into a haven for local music lovers. In fact, when we went there, a band was launching an album and music video and another artist, an EP. Unfortunately, we weren’t patient enough to wait for the acts. Think of saGuijo, Batangeno version.

SONY DSCThe menu, though not really extensive and mind-blowing, had a personal touch. It was actually more of a scrapbook than a menu since pictures of the owners with their friends are present with matching captions. Some of the name of the dishes were handwritten and the pictures of food were printed and glued on the page. Nice.

SONY DSCOn one page of the menu is a collection of terms that are unique to Batangenos. I am familiar with some of them and reading through the list made me laugh and reminisce all of the vernacular terms jumbled up in my head, Ilocano, Ibanag and Batangeno. Pantay ba o bangking? Ako lapa ang gagawa. Sige na vud. Ako na ngarud. Namura ako ng mamay. Magsuot ka ng saluwal. et al.

SONY DSCI had carbonara on top of my meal. The bread was obviously bad based on the looks of it but the pasta was creamy and cheesy and delicious not to mention warm, the fresh-from-the-microwave kind which I didn’t mind. Microwaves are one of the best machines invented, ever.

SONY DSCKuya Kim and Ate Carla had pork binagoongan and I wasn’t able to taste it but based on their reactions, it was good. Besides, as far as I can remember, it’s the bestseller.

SONY DSCAte Janine and I meanwhile had spicy wings. It was spicy but not too spicy (ano daw?) and I like the fact that there wasn’t too much flour. I just hope the chickens where the wings came from weren’t too malnourished, there were barely enough meat.

SONY DSCAnd the meal was perfectly paired with ice cold beer and good conversation about grown-up things. Mehehe

SONY DSCA shout out to Kuya Kim who paid for dinner. Funny thing was, even though we were second-degree cousins, I only met him personally last March during the Pyromusical Festival since I rarely went to Lipa during my elementary and high school days and he was tucked away in the Philippine Military Academy during my college years. He claims he spent summer vacations in Isabela but I don’t remember ever seeing him. haha. Anyway, thanks Kuya Kim! :]

SONY DSCThough the meal was satisfying, our cravings kicked in and our palates wanted none other than Central BBQ Boy’s cheesy potato and nachos plus Jollibee’s mix n’ something ice cream. Ate Janine and Ate Carla went to Central while Kuya Kim and I went to Jollibee via motorcycle (which I missed riding on big time. I promise I’d buy one for myself after I learn how to ride a bicycle). Last stop was Kuya Kim’s house (first time to visit for us ladies) where we continued the murder of my diet while watching bad shows. When was the last time I watched television with another human soul while eating fattening food? I missed that.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCCute bears. I’m cheesy.

SONY DSCNope, we weren’t able to finish four orders each of cheesy potato and nachos, we’re not that gluttonous yet. lol.

SONY DSCThanks ate Janine and Ate Karla! WishΒ Ate Karen is not too busy when I get back and hope that Ate Mik, Ate Kacen and Ate Kat arrive again soon.



4 thoughts on “tbX: The Basoy Xperience

  1. I was also raised in Isabela but I wasn’t taught Ilocano since my family and our community are Tagalog speakers. So when I entered UP Diliman, I joined an organization for UP students who are from (or who have roots from) Isabela. There I learned so many stuff about my heritage, and of course, the language. Including Ybanag! We members would share funny stories like, an orgmate shouted at the professor while he was lecturing “Sir, bangking yung projector!” and she was corrected by another orgmate, “Hala hindi bangking! Killo!” HAHAHA. Also, there was another orgmate who joked in front of the class, then the professor asked, “Ano yun?” then she replied, “Sir wala. Appe ko lang yun!” HAHA. πŸ™‚

    1. KAISA ka ba? baka kilala mo sila jov at joey? kung oo, small world haha :] wish I was a fluent ibanag and/or ilocano speaker because it is quite an advantage to have a dialect in the long run. Kaso tagalog din sa amin eh, at least nakakaintindi ako ng konti. :]

      1. Snap! Yep, yun nga yung org ko, haha! And I know Joey and Jov. πŸ™‚ Small world, small world. HAHA. Why do you know them? Well anyway, it is really an advantage, to have a native language.

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