Hello again, Shelly

With the onset of technology comes the time for digitized books and with digitized books come the need for E-readers. A “reader” is a mobile electronic device that is designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals. I first coveted it in May 2010 after I saw Dudee’s younger sister Karole’s Sony PRS-300, Pocket edition. At that time, the only brand I was aware of other than Sony was Amazon’s Kindle and I gravitated towards Sony’s because I was afraid the Kindle wouldn’t let me put (illegally) downloaded books in it.

Anyway, since I rarely ask my mother to buy electronics for me – my laptop lasted five years before dying on me completely, my last “cool” phone was Nokia 6680 way back in 2005 and the last camera she bought for me was an 8 mega-pixel point and shoot which my sister lost more than 5 years ago – the reader was a no biggie and I was sure to have the gadget before the year ends. Besides, I told her I’d stop forcing her to buy printed books for me.

Fast forward to November 2010 when I got my hands on a Sony PRS 600, Touch edition. It took six months because I was too cheap to pay for shipments so I waited for a relative to come home and for the prices to go down, from 399 dollars to 299 or 350. Which leads me to a rant: It sucks when a newer, better and CHEAPER technology slaps you in the face. I just saw a prettier, more bad ass e-reader from Sony which sells at 129 dollars!

first picture of my baby

I named it “Sheldon” from my favorite character at that time, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Our first few months together were awesome. The “honeymoon” stage, as it is called. From late 2010 to early 2011 we journeyed through dozens of PDF files. Through Sheldon, I discovered the sex symbol that is Sherlock Holmes, I learned Greek Mythology in Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, I stayed up all night just to finish the Saga of Darren Shan (not to mention weep loudly when Larten Crepsley died), I decided to be a tennis fanatic after Andre Agassi’s Open, I lamented over the thought-provoking Never Let Me Go and I fell in love with the dandelion in the spring that is Peeta Mellark.

When the stage was over though, I grew tired of Sheldon primarily because I missed the feeling of pages in between my fingers. Also because Sony’s technology sucks (I don’t know about their latest models but my PRS 600 had glare, loads slowly and freezes off a couple of times in one reading. I should have gotten a Kindle!). Bottom line, Shelly has been sitting in my drawer, untouched, for close to a year now and with it is the steady demise of my reading habit. In fact, I have only finished one book this 2013 and it’s already May!

I’ve been missing the feeling of being engrossed in a good book lately but I never got around to actually reading until today since my training is over and I am once again reduced to surfing the internet all day. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling down a lot these past few months, I didn’t have my usual dose of imagination and it felt like my brain atrophied which is a more depressing thought than, let’s say, having terminal illness. In David Mitchell’s words, “Books don’t offer real escape, but they can stop a mind from scratching itself raw“.

This morning (because it’s 3 AM), I am updating Sheldon and arranging all the books I acquired which are still in their plastic bags.

Time to do myself a favor and read again.


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