Kamay ni Hesus + Tayabas Church

After enjoying the colorful row of houses in Pahiyas Festival, I rode a tricycle and went to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center. It is a healing center built under the initiative of Father Joseph “Joey” Ayala Faller, a gifted and well-known healing priest.

SONY DSCThe place reminds me of St. Paul Center for Renewal in Cavite though SPCR is more peaceful because it’s not open to the public.

SONY DSCThe place is a popular destination for tourist and pilgrimages during holy week. You have to climb a long flight of stairs to reach the top.

SONY DSCThe chapel.

SONY DSCThe entrance to the shrine can be found inside the Garden of Eden.

SONY DSCNoah’s Ark Park for the kids and kids at heart.

SONY DSCBefore reaching the top, you will pass by the stations of the cross. Pictured below is the crowning with thorns.

SONY DSCThe crucifixion and death.

SONY DSCAnd my favorite part of the story, the resurrection of Christ, the first and only one in history.

SONY DSCI had an easier time climbing to the top compared to others thanks to all the practice I had climbing 11 flights of stairs everyday during the second phase of my training. I am beginning to appreciate the  perks of being fit and healthy. I love catching my breath, hearing my heart beat faster and feeling my whole body sweating.

Left: the statue reminds me of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. Right: believers faithfully praying.

kamay (2)The view from the top. Too bad Mt. Banahaw couldn’t be seen from this angle. Every time I am in places like this, I always have the urge to jump and then fly. Unfortunately, I don’t have wings and I’d just die if I jump.

SONY DSCBecause almost everyone was busy taking pictures of their companions and themselves, I just took a hashtag selfie. Thank you Lord for the strength to climb the stairs, the experience of Pahiyas and the countless blessings.

kamay (1)After all the walking and climbing and eating I did, I was tired and I wanted to sleep like a log so I looked for a jeepney or minibus back to Lucena. The ones inside the town proper were still waiting for passengers and I was impatient so I rode a tricycle up to the drop off point and waited for already full vehicles. After a couple of minutes, a jeepney stopped and the driver said there was still space left for one more butt. Unfortunately, the space wasn’t enough for my ass and the other passengers weren’t doing their share of jeepney etiquette (that is, moving for a couple of inches to make way for me). Instead of giving all of them the evil look and walking out of the jeepney, I decided to sit on the floor, facing the road. It was fun though a bit scary when we hit a hump and I was not holding on to anything stable.

SONY DSCI wouldn’t let anyone destroy my festive mood.

SONY DSCAt least I was seated compared to this guy who was standing.

SONY DSCBefore going to Lucena, I decided to take a side trip to Tayabas church because I read somewhere that it has the longest aisle in the Philippines.

SONY DSCI was thinking of having my picture taken while walking in a pseudo-wedding march manner but after seeing all the people, I became shy. haha

SONY DSCThe church is undergoing renovations.

SONY DSCOutside, there were a lot of people, majority of them male. I assume there was some sort of inter-baranggay basketball game. Also, posted outside was the unofficial result of the 2013 elections with the numbers written in a huge tarpaulin. And then I realized that the surveys and Twitter feeds would not reflect the results of the actual elections because majority of the voters are not internet trolls. Majority of the masses are people who have better things to do (like work and earn money) instead of loitering on social networking sites. Their votes are not “bobo“, just like what other “intellectual” snobs claim, they just make uneducated choices.

Enough about the elections. After Tayabas Church, I again rode a tricycle and a jeepney up to Grand Central Terminal in Lucena City. Then it was Jac Liner up to LRT Buendia from there. I was asleep during the whole duration of the journey. I didn’t have dreams, just a peaceful and contented slumber of someone who enjoyed the company of herself.



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