The epic fail that is Color Dash

When I think of Color Runs or marathons where the runners are bombed with powdered rainbow goodness, I expect something like this. Okay, since I’m in the Philippines and rip offs of the original Color Run are being held almost monthly, my expectations are a little less, a decent imitation would be more than enough. Still, Color Dash failed to meet those miserably low expectations of mine. Actually, I should have used my common sense and ran away from the event when I saw the poster.

1111But they said that colors would be splashed from choppers and I was able to get 50% off vouchers from Ensogo. Besides, the event was sponsored by Coca-Cola, an institution known for epic commercials and advertisements. Heck, it’s a multi-billion dollar company which can easily buy all the colored powders in the world! Why, coke? Why?

913737_593488170676160_1853903525_oWe arrived really early because we still had to register. We were promised a lot of freebies and the only thing we had were a Coca-Cola baller and 100 pesos off from Old Spaghetti House. Still, we were optimistic and excited. Good thing I was with crazy people so waiting for two hours was a piece of cake.

922223_593483637343280_1947464952_o 919633_593484590676518_1325435656_o 964042_593487567342887_2019349209_o 919745_593487890676188_1949390553_o 478631_593486444009666_1802722566_o (1) 111 1111 11111111111Dams bought this shirt for 200 pesos (it’s not included in the 325php promo of Ensogo) because he got envious of the people wearing them. A way to differentiate those who paid 650 to those who availed via the group buying site is the shirt, actually. Annnd, it’s not worth 200 pesos. The quality was the same as the ones used for campaign during elections. I doubt if it costed more than 50 pesos in reality. It’s too thin Dams’ nipples were uhm, exposed.

965101_593488880676089_1681041830_o 466142_593488890676088_1809167737_oAnd then there’s the actual run. The concept is great, I just wish the organizers were more prepared so it would be executed properly. Seriously. I hate it when I don’t get the value for my parents’ hard-earned money, and that’s coming from someone who paid 50% less. First off, the event was not really organized. We didn’t know where to go. We didn’t know there was an ongoing warm up happening. And the place was lacking the mood of fun. It was sedate of decoration and interesting booths. It was void of anything interesting, simply put.

920305_593494007342243_172436713_oThe biggest disappointment though, were the colors. Nope, there were no choppers. In fact, the colors were simply thrown by hand at the stations. We should have just bought them ourselves and had some sort of color fight at home. None of the dramatic imaginations I have where we had to pass through a colored smoke from some sort of extinguisher and emerge smiling idiotically. The closest thing I got to this scenario was a small, fire extinguisher held by a man who said it was empty. Yeah, it was empty because the colors disappear faster than the bullet trains of Japan. Ugh, by the time we got to the first color station, everyone was trying to get their hands on an again empty pail just to have a little color. Some resorted to lying on the ground and then rolling. THERE WERE HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS OF REGISTERED RUNNERS AND THEY CAN’T EVEN PROVIDE ENOUGH COLORED POWDER! And did I mention there were only five miserable, color-less color stations? Every time I ask the event marshals “Why are there no more?”, ALL of them promised there would be more at the succeeding stations. Nil.

914041_593496620675315_566585547_o 919773_593496644008646_1723079903_oAnd then halfway through the 5 KM course, the sky understood how we felt and it showered us with acid rain, a very welcome respite to the otherwise depressing run. Thanks to nature, we were soaking wet and a little bit happier when we finished.

922292_593497074008603_870790950_oEven though our shirts were still white, I can say that I still had fun, not because of Color Dash but the people I was with. These friends, they bring color to my life. Naks.

pageI just wish the franchised version of The Color Run trademark comes to Manila. Or better yet, I could just go to India for the Holi or the Festival of Colors and eatΒ Bhang,Β a paste made from cannabis plants. If only I was filthy rich.


4 thoughts on “The epic fail that is Color Dash

  1. Huhu even if Color Dash didn’t meet the least of your expectations, I feel bad for backing out at the last minute. 😦
    Sorry Rani. I really wanted to go kasi namiss ko kayong lahat and my stay here is very limited but noooo. 😦 Anyway, madami pang ibang time when I get back. πŸ˜€

    1. asa Zamboanga ka na ba ulit? ang bilis naman. oks lang Gi, pero namiss ka namin :[ next time na lang. hehe. let’s try the original para mas maraming colors. haha. see you in june Doc! :]

  2. Kaya pala nung tiningnan ko yung album sa FB sabi ko “bkit walang ibang kulay akong nakita aside from white???” LOL. At least alam niyo naaaa πŸ˜› Ohhhhhh, Holi reminds mo of a good friend in Abu Dhabi :3 She would ALWAYS invite me kasi may piyesta sa bahay nila and it is the kind of festival wherein the caste system was not strictly followed. Tpos kce may prng ” India town” sa Abu Dhabi tapos makikita mo super colorful ung mga tao tapos ang lakas ng background music. *insert indian music* HAHA.waley lng:P

    1. wow! ano ba yan. parang gusto ko pumunta ng abu dhabi para sa indian town. haha. medyo fail nga siya, buti na lang talaga di 650 binayad namin. haha :]

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