Labor Day in Binondo

Another day in Binondo with my father. Good thing it’s Labor day. Apparently, people flock the malls during holidays (to blow their money, more probably for the free air conditioning) with the exception of those who go out on the streets to voice their opinions. As a result, Binondo was relatively peaceful. We first went to David’s Tea House to have our fix of dim sum.

SONY DSCOutside, a “WANTED: Dishwasher” sign was posted and Pangs seriously thought of applying. His logic was to work for them to learn about their secrets for future references. He always jokes about doing this whenever we pass by successful restaurants. I guess my conscious want to be part of the McDonald’s crew stemmed from him.

SONY DSCThe temperature inside was cool and in this excruciatingly hot weather, that’s the only thing that matters.

SONY DSCShrimp siomai. When you’ve had a couple of versions of the same looking siomai from different establishments, you get to a point where all of them start to taste the same. Next time, I wouldn’t mind where I eat, as long as the it has the orange thing on top and yellow wrap, I can predict how the taste would be.

SONY DSCChicken feet in taosi sauce. I like eating this because you need to skilfully separate the phalanges (are they called that in chickens?) with the meat and fat using your mouth and nothing else.

SONY DSCSharksfin Dumpling. The same yellow wrapper, only the fillings were different. This was better than the one they have in Paotsin (you know, the stall in almost all food courts inside the mall which serves lemak rice in violet styrofoams). Gah, now I want to eat Paotsin stat! It’s not the most delicious thing in the world but you sort of crave for it for unfathomable reasons.

SONY DSCShrimp Hakaw. After eating all the dim sums made with the same yellow wrapper, this hakaw was a very welcome change. It’s lighter (less saltier) and less nakakaumay. The white wrapper was thicker than what I am used to, it’s comparable to rice cakes sans the sweetness.

SONY DSCA pot of tea was put on our table and Pangs was overjoyed. He could finish this all by himself and the only thing that stopped him from doing so was the thought of having LBM while commuting. Oops. I tried a sip, still no.

SONY DSCMy father wanted Lingnam’s Mami and since I wasn’t particularly keen on trying a new restaurant that day, the choice was okay with me. However, on our way to Alonzo street, we passed by New Eastern Garden Restaurant and we HAD to go in. The place and signage were quite small they’re easy to miss but the “Since 1950” words caught my eyes. One marketing strategy that almost always works on me is to claim that you’ve been around for a long time, gives me the feeling that the food is really good otherwise you wouldn’t last for 50 years.

SONY DSCThe fresh lumpia was reasonably priced. The only difference between regular and special is the addition of seaweeds on the latter.

SONY DSCThe ingredients. I forgot to ask the lady to add extra garlic, maybe next time. Fresh lumpia reminds me of my maternal grandfather, Mamay because it is one of his favorite foods. I remember, he always orders one whenever we dine at Goldilocks.

SONY DSCGoldilock’s version is nothing compared to this. Delicious and light not to mention the huge serving size. Pangs and I shared in one order of Jumbo special and we still had a hard time finishing it not because of the taste but of the limited size of our stomachs. It was refreshing and I felt really healthy afterwards. haha. I only usually eat the wrapper and sauce and garlic off fresh lumpias and give majority of the ingredients away but I like the filling of this one. In fact, the wrapper was sub-par (it was dry and makunat). Also, I don’t eat carrots but I didn’t mind seeing all the orange in my lumpia, now that’s one of the best compliments a former-carnivore-trying-hard-to-be-omnivore could give.

SONY DSCLastly, off we went to Lingnam to share in a bowl of Mami. This time, we only had Beef instead of Beef Wanton and it was, as expected, satisfying.

SONY DSCGrilled corn on our way home because I love corn I eat one when I can’t think of anything else to eat. I like this so much Zea mays, its scientific name, is one of the few things I remember from my Biology class way back in second year high school. Another is Oryza sativa which is white rice. Gah, I miss taxonomy (not that I was good in memorizing all the nomenclatures, my Biology teacher Mam Ems is just awesome).

SONY DSCWhile we were walking along Avenida, the vehicles weren’t moving. We thought the commotion was caused by Labor Day rallies only to find out that it was Mayor Alfredo Lim and his running mate Lou Veloso’s motorcade causing the traffic. I can’t wait for the elections to be over so a little peace would descend upon the streets, to wake up on May 13 and not hear the blaring and incomprehensible sounds to the tune of “Call Me Maybe” (I’m sure Carly Rae Jepsen didn’t receive any royalties) from huge speakers attached to vans but I have to admit that it was nice seeing Mayor Lim on a kalesa trying to win the vote of the masses because I have always thought of him as a stoic person. Well, if you’re up against someone like Erap Estrada then you have to woo a little harder.

SONY DSCI love his blank facial expression which could also be interpreted as bored and angry, a contrast to his Vice Mayor who was all-smiles and waving left and right. Meanwhile, the mayor was pointing at the people who were asking for T-Shirts as if to say to his crew “Hoy, eto bigyan niyo“. Kyot! Way to go Dirty Harry.



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