Foodtrip at Elbi

First stop was breakfast at a stall near the main entrance of UPLB. Though the silog was generic and the bacon too little to even reach my esophagus, these heart-shaped eggs were enough to make me smile. See, I’m easy to please. :]

SONY DSC SONY DSCAfter accompanying April for her graduation clearance, we had lunch at Eat-sumo Teri Haus. It was located on the second floor of the building while Boston Coffee occupied the first floor.

SONY DSCThe stairs leading up to the restaurant.

SONY DSCComfortable chairs. Air conditioned. What more could you ask for?

SONY DSCThe menu was extensive and much as I want to try all of them, I have limited budget and my stomach could only hold so much food so I settled for safe choices.

SONY DSCWith my chap, Rojaine, who is also graduating from the university this April. Congrats CHAP!

SONY DSCApril and her room mate IJ who is currently attending a refresher course in economics in preparation for her graduate studies in June (learning is an on going process, don’t ya think?).

SONY DSCThe best -seller was Phila Maki: rice, fish, mangoes and Philadelphia cream cheese. This was simpler than most Makis I’ve had but I like this one the most. It’s delicious and there weren’t too many flavors. Will definitely eat this again the next time I visit or will ask someone to bring one for me as pasalubong.

SONY DSCGyudon. Nothing special.

SONY DSCMango crepe which was delicious and perfect for the hot and humid weather we have in the country. Plus the mangoes were sweet and the chocolate syrup, generous.

SONY DSCAfter lunch, Chap had to meet with a friend while IJ had a class to attend. April accompanied me to buy the most famous pasalubongs from Laguna as per my sister’s request: Letty’s Espasol and The Original’s Buko Pie. The Ube halaya was hers (April). The espasol was chewy though I prefer it if the shape was long and thin instead of round and thick. I am not an avid fan of buko pie but The Original’s version was delicious! It was creamy and not too sweet and the dough was moist. I wouldn’t mind having a slice of this delicacy regularly.

SONY DSCThe more famous chocolate cake of elbi is Mer-Nel’s but April said Ahl’s was better and I trust her judgement so we went there after buying the pasalubongs.

SONY DSCCakes on display. Good thing they have a junior version because I don’t think they sell per slice.

SONY DSCWe chose their best-seller, Better Than Sex or BTS as it is more fondly called. There’s a chocolate dough on caramel with whitish icing on top.

SONY DSCSince the two of us didn’t have a point of comparison, we couldn’t tell if the cake really is better than sex but it was delicious nonetheless. When in elbi, try BTS or your trip isn’t complete!

SONY DSCAfter the sugar rush, we decided to spend the hottest part of the day holing up in April’s apartment. I don’t know why but I enjoyed doing nothing in elbi. It felt like I live there so it’s typical to have days where I just stay at home. haha.

SONY DSCI fell asleep while reading April’s thesis.

SONY DSCWhen we woke up at around 4:00 PM, we decided to grab some snack at Faustina’s near Raymundo Gate. Actually, before going to elbi, I made a list of all the restaurants I wanted to try. Unfortunately, we only eat three times a day and I only stayed there for two days so I wasn’t able to scratch off everything on my list. Gah! Too many foods to eat, too little time!

SONY DSCAnyway, I fell in love with Fausty’s (what the students call Faustina’s) menu adorned with love letters written in third person from the year 1946. Sweet! I am definitely going to write love letters when I meet “Da one”. Char!

SONY DSC SONY DSCAnd the walls were lavender!

SONY DSCThe place was small and there were only 5 tables inside. Maybe because the price range was a bit expensive for a typical student. This, I believe, is reserved for special occasions and not for daily meals (unless you’re filthy rich).

SONY DSCThe lamps.

SONY DSCAnd a really cute clock. A friend pointed out that it would be hard to read the time with this one but it makes up for one interesting piece.

8 (31) SONY DSC SONY DSCI had pesto and it was fine. As long as the noodles are al dente, even if there were way too much basil, I’m good.

SONY DSCWhile choosing the pizza flavor, I asked April what she wants and she replied “anything as long as there’s no vegetable” so we settled for good old cheese. One of the reasons why we’re friends is our shared love-hate relationship with anything green (and healthy for that matter). Sometimes, the simpler, the better.

SONY DSCI LOVE FAUSTY’S PIZZA BECAUSE THE CRUST IS SUPER THIN. I. WILL. BE. BACK. I am craving right now after seeing this picture. Ugh.

SONY DSCI put some of the excess pesto in the pizza plus a lot of hot sauce and voila, I am a very satisfied customer.

SONY DSCI will look for this particular brand of hot sauce, it’s spicy and salty at the same time, purrrfect!

SONY DSCAfter Fausty’s, April and I walked around UPLB before I leave for Manila and again, I lay under the fertility tree. I will miss this place. Seriously, I get easily attached to places I almost always come home with a broken heart after every trip. I want to stay longer because I know home will always be where it is.

SONY DSCMy last meal in Elbi was at Joe’s and this was at around 6 PM. We haven’t digested the pizza we ate but I was running out of time. haha

SONY DSC SONY DSCTook a picture of this sign because it’s so wrong it makes April laugh.

SONY DSCThe place was intimate I could only imagine it being full during Valentine’s day. Other restaurants with interior like this often exude an aura that says the diners should be prim and proper and keep their voices at a minimum. I love that Joe’s didn’t have that aura because an enthusiastic conversation always makes meals a better experience. Also, the hole-in-the-wall (because it was located in the middle of a subdivision without streetlights) feel gives it some sort of authenticity.

SONY DSC SONY DSCApril and I sat at the farthest corner and I like the combination of the red polka table tops and the green place mat.

SONY DSCWe went there quite early because Joe’s takes pride in cooking the dishes only after you order them which means a longer waiting time.

SONY DSCApril spent the time writing notes behind her graduation pictures.

SONY DSCThis was what she gave me. Sweet, sweet girl. Another reason why we’re friends: we can tell each other our deepest, most narcissistic desires and we can be brutally honest without taking anything too seriously.

SONY DSCI usually settle for water to cut off the unnecessary calories (they’re better enjoyed when eaten rather than drank) but this Lemonade was so good I didn’t feel any sign of guilt even if I broke my rule.

SONY DSCFor main course, I had Atasha, “delmonico steak served with a choice of rice or mashed potato and buttered veggies“. This was delicious and I savored every bite of protein goodness. The meat was tender and reddish in the middle though it was lacking juices. Serving of mashed potato was hefty I only managed to finish half. Buttered veggies were generic.

SONY DSCApril had Cheesy Bacon Linguine “due formaggi” and other people might find this pasta too cheesy but it was fine for me because “too cheesy” simply does not exist in my vocabulary. And a serving was enough for two people. April wasn’t able to put a dent on this dish and she offered it to me. Much as I wanted to devour it and lick all the sauce off the plate, my stomach couldn’t accommodate anything else after I finished my steak.

SONY DSCWhen I was in first year college and April was in fourth year high school, I promised that I’d visit her in Elbi before she graduates from college. Lo and behold, even though I almost broke my promise (because my ading will be graduating next week), I finally did visit her in Los Banos! hehe. Thank you April for pigging out with me even though you were forced to splurge money on food because I can’t afford to pay for both of us. I promise to treat you next time if and only if I finally get a job.

SONY DSCAnd that concludes my somewhat-spontaneous, two-day trip to Elbi. I can’t wait to be back and try other items off the menus of Faustina’s and Joe’s and Eat-Sumo and other places! Plus the hike to Peak 2!

Salamat sa mga taong sumakay sa lahat ng trip ko: kay Marie, IJ, Chap, at lalong lalo na kina April at Emman!


2 thoughts on “Foodtrip at Elbi

  1. Rani lalo ko namiss ang elbi ng makita ko to pero thanks natuwa talaga ako. 2 more months at makakauwi na rin ako.

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