PCC goodies!

PCC stands for Philippine Carabao Center and Emman and I went to their store at UPLB Dairy corner to have our dose of fresh milk and other dairy products in the morning. All people who are not lactose-intolerant, we are lucky bastards! Let’s be thankful!

SONY DSCThe menu. Not included is the 200 ml Chocomilk for 15 or 20 pesos (I forgot).

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe milk was refreshing I wanted to order another 200 ml but I didn’t want to have the urge to move my bowel in the middle of the day.

33The ice cream yogurt didn’t make me happy because it lacked the sour-taste that I always look for in every food and drink that claims to have yogurt as an ingredient. After a couple of bites I was ready to throw it out but good guy Emman who didn’t want any food to go to waste finished it for me.

SONY DSCSo I took his Strawberry yogurt because it was so good. Aside from strawberry, there are other flavors like apple, blueberry and etc. Emman claims Mango is their best flavor so I have to try it before I die.

SONY DSCWe literally licked every ounce off the cup and I was even a bit sad because my tongue couldn’t reach the bottom part of the container. So I used my fingers. Yes, it was that good.

SONY DSCAnd we bought kesong puti (not sure if the english translation is really “white cheese”), fresh cheese that is soft and similar to cottage cheese, made from unskimmed carabao’s milk, salt and rennet.

SONY DSCWe paired it with pandesal during our lunch at the IRRI Cafeteria. The cheese was delicious because almost all cheese are delicious for me. However, it was too soft and I prefer my kesong puti dry (as in you let it stay in one place until all the juice is gone). Plus the pandesal was cold so we couldn’t really appreciate this one. I wanted to bring home a block but the packaging said “keep refrigerated” and we don’t have one at home. Also, I don’t think my sister will appreciate the smell the way I do.

SONY DSCBy the way, Carabao is the national animal of the Philippines!

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