Hello elbi!

Since I have only two weeks to do whatever I want (rest, unwind, go out, run errands, etc) before the start of the Phase 3 of my training, I wanted to make the most out of 14 days. The original plan was to go to Baguio with ballugers (Fae, Jov, Cza, Nicks) but we had conflicting schedules. Still, we wanted the trip to push through even if we go and leave at different dates and just meet there for a day but Emman came along and ruined everything by asking one question, “Diba Jov graduating ka?“. Filipinos have this superstitious belief that special occasions (birthday, graduation) make one more prone to accidents so the plan was called off. Since it was Emman’s fault (hehe), I tagged along with and forced him to be my tour guide to Los Banos in Laguna, more commonly referred to as “elbi” specifically the area of the University of the Philippines.

SONY DSCElbi is just 90 to 120 minutes away from Manila. Emman and her girlfriend Marie slept at my place on Saturday night so we could leave very early on Sunday Morning. Our first stop after arriving was to grab some breakfast at Bugel’s (I don’t remember the exact name but it sounded like that) near LB Square.

SONY DSCThere were no other customers aside from us because it’s summer vacation and most of the students went home to their respective provinces.

SONY DSC5-peso coffee which tasted exactly like a 5-peso coffee, 99% sugar, 1% coffee.

SONY DSCHotsilog for Marie. Chiksilog for Emman (Chicken tocino and not fried chicken). Tapsilog for me. The three of us share a fondness for scrambled eggs. These were quite delicious not to mention affordable at 35 pesos,Β presyong pang-estudyante.

SONY DSCEmman and Marie, my adoptive parents for one day. hehe.



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