Elbi at night

When I woke up from a nap after a tiring yet fun day with Emman, I received at text from April saying she was already in Los Banos. Time to change hosts since I would be staying in her apartment for the night while Emman would be staying at Marie’s. But first we grabbed some dinner at Sizzlers.

7 (11)It is located on the second floor of a building.

SONY DSCThe place was full of students when we arrived. It was air conditioned and the interior was that of a typical restaurant in the province.

SONY DSCEmman brought the Siomai we bought in another store and we munched on it while waiting for our orders because we were starving. This is of the soft variety, perfect when paired with rice.

7 (3)I had sizzling liempo and it was quite good albeit oily.

7 (4)April had sizzling sisig and this was delicious.

SONY DSCWe also shared in an order of Crispy Kangkong. A good appetizer sans the oiliness. And the dip could be improved. I still prefer Dencio’s version but Emman loved it because he didn’t know Kangkong could be this delicious.

SONY DSCWe ordered Mango shake which was generic, Banana Toffee which tasted exactly like Banana and is better appreciated after several sips and Coffee Mocha which was okay.

SONY DSCAll in all it was a pleasant dinner partly because of the food and air conditioning and mostly because of my companions. I remember our most prominent topic was about looking/waiting for “DA ONE”.

7 (8)We were the last to leave.

7 (9)After that, Emman and April brought me to LB Square, the infamous night hangout of UPLB students where there’s affordably delicious food and even cheaper alcohol plus free Videoke. Sounds like fun to me! I was itching to grab a drink but the place was almost deserted because it’s summertime. According to Emman and April, this area could go wild during regular semesters. Sadly, ever since it changed its management, the square have lost part of its charm because of the newly built 7-eleven store which sticks like a sore thumb among all the budget-friendly home-cooked stalls in the area not to mention the 1 AM curfew because of some unfortunate crime. Wish I could have gone to LB Square in the past.

7 (12)So we just hang around April’s apartment. No alcohol for me in this trip. hehe.

SONY DSC And we went back to UPLB to withdraw funds in one of the many ATMs inside the campus. Plus a little camwhoring.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCApril and Emman doing the not-so-secret handshake because they’re both UPIS members (not only that, Emman was April’s godfather in the organization meaning he supervised her initiation or something). Students in elbi, I noticed, are fond of doing this gesture whenever they meet their “brods” and “sisses”. I guess there’s a special kind of camaraderie between org-mates.

SONY DSCEmman was to leave for Manila first thing in the morning so the responsibility of taking care of me was passed on to April. haha.

SONY DSCSome random reminders around April’s apartment:

SONY DSC SONY DSC(Actually, 1Thes 5:17 is “pray without ceasing”) We spent the night watching a live stream of the 2013 Bb. Pilipinas competition (which was won by a UPLB Alumna) and then talking until we drift off to sleep.

Thank you Lord for such an awesome day!


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