Run for your life!

Last Saturday, Dai, Rox and I basically paid 800 pesos to run for 5 KM (plus a shirt for bragging rights) in Outbreak BGC2. Other people might think it’s impractical and expensive, saying things like “you could’ve jogged around CCP Complex for free” etc but for me, it was worth it. I would choose fun over 800 pesos at any day.

Nope, we didn’t ONLY run. We were chased by zombies! Though they’re only humans like us under all those scary costumes and make-up, the amazing prosthetic made our brains temporarily forget that fact. There were walkers, crawlers and the worst specie of the bunch, runners. I have never ran so fast in my life I was surprised by my agility and ability to dodge the zombie hands reaching for my red flags. At one point, I found myself lying on the ground one second (I was pushed by people who went back screaming after they realized the road ahead had a high density of zombies) and then running again the next. Adrenaline rush is truly remarkable.

And I learned the hard way that one must not sit down in the middle of a marathon because it’s like telling your brain that the worst part is over and the effect of your sprint would take its toll, you start to feel the pain in your legs, you have a hard time running again and etc. When I sat down after the 2KM mark, I felt a stabbing pain in my chest and I was gasping for breath but I recovered thanks to the two nurses accompanying me.

And screaming makes running a lot more enjoyable. I was throwing curses at the zombies, shouting my lungs off and others were doing the same I’m sure I’d have a hard time maintaining my flat/scary affect if I were a zombie because it was almost comical. I remember an article about a study which concluded that people who shout curses like “shit” when their hands are soaked in cold water are able to bear longer than people who said “shoot”. After all, curses are a form of catharsis.

SONY DSCMy only regret is that I didn’t bring my camera so no pictures of the actual race which sucks because as I’ve said, the zombies were really scary (especially the pregnant zombie and the child in a wheelchair) and some runners had a photo op. A number of participants cheated by hiding their red flags because then, they’d have the confidence to just walk since the zombies were only chasing after people with flags (btw, we were given three at the start of the race and we need to have at least one left to be considered alive afterwards). I was tempted to do so but honesty is the best policy, naks. The three of us laughed so hard (esp at the Katniss Everdeen zombie) during the last two kilometers of the race that my tummy hurt more than my legs.

SONY DSCI could imagine if many of my college batchmates attended the run. It would have been epic.

SONY DSCDai had two flags left after the race while Rox had one. I, on one hand, lost my last flag by accident, it fell from my belt when I sat down and the stupid me didn’t bother to pick it up because I didn’t know those who finished alive would be given medals. I want to say that the quality of the medal was low but that would be me sourgraping.

SONY DSCWe were part of wave 2 so we ran early. The crowd in the booths quadrupled after we finished the race. Apparently, more people wanted to join later waves, the closest to midnight, the better.

SONY DSCWe took advantage of all the freebies we could put our hands on along the sponsors’ lane. There were free face-paints, photobooths, drinks, a slice of pizza from Greenwich and more.

3Rox. Dai. Rani. We didn’t know that costumes are encouraged during Outbreak. Dai and I promised ourselves we’ll be better prepared next time as we enviously look at those who dressed up as anime characters and soldiers and nurses and animals and i-can’t-understand-what-you’re-channeling-but-it’s-cute.

SONY DSCWith the mogu-mogu mascot because mogu-mogu Lychee is one of my favorite drinks. A drink with Glutathione was introduced that night. Seriously? What’s next? Glutathione candies?

SONY DSCMandatory tarp picture.

SONY DSCAn artwork which was painted on the spot. Cool.

SONY DSCShirts beybe.

SONY DSCAnd shoes. I need to invest on nice running shoes because my Chucks are killing my feet. Also, buying one would encourage me to be more active since I wouldn’t want my savings to just be stored in the cabinet.

SONY DSCThe trio. Frankly speaking, I was thinking twice on attending the event because it was nakakatamad and there were only three of us. Good thing I fought off the sloth in me. And about the number, quality is still better than quantity. Thank you Rox and Dai! Till our next zombie-infested run.



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