Pares in Mayon

My father always brings me to places where he and his friends used to frequent way back in the 80s during their college days. A couple of days ago, we commuted for almost an hour just to go to a certain Pares-an (a place where one can grab Pares) somewhere in Mayon. I am always excited when we go somewhere new, especially to non-pretentious and simple stalls serving good food.

SONY DSCWhen I asked him what the name of the place was, he simply answered “Pares”. According to him, the owner was a former cook of Jonas, the most popular Pares-an during their time. Talk about staff-turned-competitor.

SONY DSCFree bowl of soup. Pangs said that if the soup isn’t greasy (in his words: kapag hindi namumuo yung sebo), it’s carabao instead of beef. Di ba pwedeng sobrang diluted lang? Anyway, it was good enough for me, but then again, my standards aren’t that high. hehe.

SONY DSCI ordered T-Bone steak and again, my awesome father commented “pumunta ka pa dito, hindi naman pares ang kakainin mo“. This tasted generic and there’s too much gravy (I have grown antagonistic towards gravy over these past few months).

SONY DSCAccording to WIkipedia, Pares is a Filipino dish literally meaning “pair” and it is a combination of a beef stew viand and a bowl of soup, both served with rice. The stew is made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise, topped with spring onions. The soup is made by combining a portion of the stew sauce with some pre-cooked soup stock.

Pangs had Pares halo meaning there’s isaw (pork intestine)  with the pares. I had a bite and it was delicious but not something I’d crave for, much more travel for an hour to. Also, the rice they served was cold and my father hates it when his food is not warm hot. Come to think of it, most of the guys I know judge based on the food’s temperature instead of taste. Again, my father went into his during-our-time-it-was-better dialogue. Hayyyyyy Pangs.

SONY DSCNext we went to Jonas, allegedly the original Pares-an. The place has become more sosyal which means the prices went up as well. We wanted to try their current version of Pares and compare it with the one we just had but we were already full.

SONY DSCSo we just settled for Siopao Asado while enjoying the air conditioned environment.

SONY DSCAgain, I may be biased, but I have yet to taste a siopao asado that is better than my father’s.



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