bulgogi garden X iscreamist

The plan to go kori-korean was set weeks ago but it was always postponed because of the busy schedule of phase 2 so during our much needed and much anticipated 2-week break, we decided to check out Bulgogi Garden in Kalayaan. Actually, my love for Korean food only sprung from osmosis because I was always with bebe Dai and she is addicted to anything Korean (drama, KPop, etc).

SONY DSCBulgogi Garden was huge and I like the fact that you don’t have to remove your shoes when dining because you sit on actual chairs.

SONY DSCI was with pretty ladies (boji alert!) Liana, Joycie, Fatima and KP.

SONY DSCThe variety of side dishes offered (which, I only found out are called banchan). Before, I thought that all korean restaurants have unlimited refills of banchans. Apparently, Maru is only one of few. A male staff told us that theirs were also unlimited but after our 3rd or 4th refill, a different staff said they only allow it once. Inconsistent, tsk.

SONY DSCI like anything with unfamiliar characters written on them. And metal chopsticks are a pain in the ass especially to people like me, who doesn’t even know how to properly use one.

SONY DSCThe salad. Fortunately, most of my companions were vegetable lovers (seriously, their love for okra and ampalaya still amazes me) so no greens and oranges were wasted.

SONY DSCThe restaurant has a minimum-of-2-order policy. We had two orders of Sam gyeop-sal. The staff was the one who cooked the meat. I have tasted better at Maru.

SONY DSCThe red dip lacked punch and the one on the right was too salty.

SONY DSCNo matter how mediocre the components were, when you put them all together (meaning, when you wrap the meat in lettuce and dip it in the sauces), the outcome is still delicious. This is the part I enjoy most, making my rolls. Who doesn’t enjoy eating with their bare hands anyway?

SONY DSCOh, the sweetened banana. Maybe because it’s summer and I am just remembering the banana sweet with crushed ice and milk of my childhood, but this one was superb. Relishing the taste of this side dish makes me smile. hehe. I would go back to Bulgogi Garden only for this.

SONY DSCWe also had soju, in the middle of the friggin day! Sojus were supposed to be drank neat (not chilled and without any additives) but the one brought to us was cold. This was made of potato and it has a sweet flavor, better than the one I tasted before. Para feel na feel ang pagko-Korea. haha. Kidding aside, I don’t know if it’s a bad or a good thing that I’m enjoying alcohol with my meals.

SONY DSCAnd so it happened.

SONY DSCOur total bill was only 700 pesos. Divided by five persons, that’s roughly 140 pesos each which was cheap considering how full we were. The technique is to eat as many lettuce using as little meat as possible. And ask for refills as long as it is allowed. :]

The visit to the Iscreamist wasn’t part of the plan. Out of the blue, Liana mentioned the place, how they use liquid nitrogen to make desserts, and we were all game. Located inside Teacher’s Village, I can’t imagine any other way of going there except for private vehicles and taxis.

I like their perioc table-esque menu.

SONY DSCWhen we arrived, they just opened and the staff were preparing this thing which I believe is where the liquid nitrogen is stored/produced. Liquid Nitrogen is Nitrogen in a liquid state at extremely low temperature. The only thing I know about this element and form is that it was used by the protagonists in the movie Pathology to kill a pervert old man by freeze-drying his lungs into a crispy balloon. Scary. Who would have thought that it would be employed in the preparation of frozen desserts because of the speed at which it cools food?


SONY DSCTiramisu

SONY DSCThe most popular items in their menu are the Dragon’s breaths. You are given cookies on a stick (S’more and Tiramisu, the other items weren’t available) and a styrofoam cup with liquid nitrogen. You dip the cookies in the liquid.

SONY DSCWait for five to ten seconds (because if you put it in your mouth right away, you WILL get cryogenic burns or your tongue may freeze to necrosis).

SONY DSCAnd then chew on the now frozen treat CONTINUOUSLY. In terms of taste, the Dragon’s breaths were okay bordering on very dry. In terms of experience, it was cool! YEAH SCIENCE!

Another selling point of liquid nitrogen is the smoky effect it creates when burned (the gas is harmless, only the liquid has the capacity to freeze objects in a matter of seconds).

While “googling”, I came upon a news article about a teenager who lost her stomach after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail. If you don’t follow instructions, this shizz is dangerous. But then again, dangerous things sometimes have that certain charm. The more adventurous, the more enticing.

Aannnndddd pictures with smoky effect.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCAside from Dragon’s breath, they also serve cream-based, coffee-based and alcohol-based ice creams. We tried blueberry cheesecake and it was okay (delicious for Fatima because the flavor is her favorite).

SONY DSCAnd Amarula, a cream lilquer (liquor with dairy) from Africa that tastes like Bailey’s. It has a bitter taste and has a tendency to make non-drinkers tipsy. I prefer my ice cream simple and predominantly sweet. Alcohol is meant to be drank, not eaten.

SONY DSCAnd the obligatory photo before we parted ways. Thank you girls! :]



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