no. 12 – It’s SHOWTIME!

My cousin Athan invited me to tag along with his office mates to watch Showtime. Even if it was on a short notice (on top of not knowing another soul except for Athan), I gladly confirmed. One should never let an opportunity to experience new things and meet new people pass by.

SONY DSCThe show starts at 12 noon but we arrived at the Starbucks inside the ABS-CBN compound at 10 AM. Good thing we didn’t have to queue for hours because Athan’s branch manager or something was able to squeeze us in the show director’s guest list. Yay! We were ushered by Dumbo into the studio which was surprisingly small. Not only that, we were seated on the first row, albeit on the side and not center.

SONY DSCBefore the show started, we were taught dance steps andย told threatened that if we do not show enthusiasm, we will be transferred at the back because blank reactions aren’t good on television. Frankly speaking, it was tiring especially if you do not like dancing.

06We watched on a Saturday and it was Karylle’s birthday. Opening number was ballet-inspired. Karylle’s sister (far left) is gorgeous.

02The people who set the stage during commercials.

SONY DSCBilly and Vhong.

SONY DSCI am not an avid fan of Showtime so I don’t really know the show’s segments but this one’s from Sine mo ‘to.

SONY DSCWhen you are seated on the sides, there is a very slim chance that you would be seen on TV which is perfectly fine for me. Same chance goes with being chosen as an actor in Sine mo ‘to. Unless you want exposure, our position was perfect. Puro likod nga lang makikita mo.

SONY DSCSurprise guest Sarah Geronimo who promoted the movie It takes a man and a woman. I think I am one of the few left who haven’t seen the film yet.

SONY DSCIf your number is picked, you’d be 5,000 pesos richer. Luck wasn’t on my side.

SONY DSCCeiling.

SONY DSCAnother segment, Kaloka or Kalookalike.

03During commercial break, the hosts called in audience members who think they look like someone famous. The hosts would then go to these persons for comments about the contestants when the show is on air. Scripted much?

SONY DSCThe beautiful Anne Curtis. She was nice which makes her even more beautiful.

SONY DSCScoreboards.

04Even raising the scoreboards in unison needs practice.

SONY DSCTwo celebrity families compete for the last spot for the grand finals. First contestant was Charles’ (of Star Circle Quest fame) family.

05They were up against Viva Hot Babes who knew how to use their assets. I agree with Vice Ganda, the former was better technically but it was more fun to watch the latter.

01Other hosts.


SONY DSCConfetti.

SONY DSCWe weren’t able to have any picture taken with the hosts because security was tight (not to mention masungit) but we were able to snag one with Bruce Lee. hehe.

SONY DSCMam Angel, Aiza, Rani, Rachelle, Athan, Jeron. Thank you very much for making me feel that I belong! naks.



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