Laiya with Landichos

Left at 4AM en route to San Juan, Batangas. I was a bit excited because it would be my first beach in 5 years (if not for my Mindanao trip last year, it would have been my first body of water other than Manila Bay and Pasig river in 5 years haha). Laiya was just a 2 hour drive from Lipa. I rode the multicab (miniature jeepney) and the fresh air in the morning, clear highways, and my favorite music from my iTouch were very much appreciated.

SONY DSCWe missed the sunrise. Boo. We stayed at One Laiya beach resort. It was decent and affordable. We wouldn’t be spending the night anywyay.

SONY DSCOur common root is my great-grandfather Onofre. I was the only member of Dionisio’s clan (grandfather), most of them were descendants of Sergio.

SONY DSCBecause I haven’t been to a beach in ages, I was awed by the actual sight of sand and semi-clear water. Plus, Mr. Sun wasn’t too bright and hot that morning.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCVanity runs in the family.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI like this shot of Kuya Orlann and his son.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCMr. Crab, too small to be edible.

SONY DSCI am no beach expert and I learned the hard way that flipflops should be removed when treading wet sand.

SONY DSC SONY DSCFailed jump shot.

SONY DSCBeach volleyball. I envy my relatives’ stamina and talent for sports.

SONY DSCFood was abundant that day. We ate every two hours with junkfood-munching in between.

SONY DSCBecause I don’t know how to swim (sucks, right?) and the sun was beginning to be harsh, I was reduced to “bumming around” while listening to music. It actually feels nice, you just chill like a villain.

SONY DSCI firmly believe that playing cards come in handy that’s why I almost always have a deck in my bag.

SONY DSCThe water isn’t too deep in Laiya, safe for children since you can practically leave them behind and they wouldn’t drown in an instant. I walked a really long way before the water reached my shoulder.


SONY DSCIn the afternoon, the family rented a Videoke and everyone sang their hearts out especially those under the influence of alcohol. Beach + Ethyl = fun. Most epic was Kuya Kim’s Kapayapaan and everyone’s Yes Yes Show. Bamboo and his awesome songs were crowd favorites.

laiya2A sinner (Asiong Salonga daw ang peg), a saint, and a soldier.

SONY DSCKuya Orlann and kuya MJ. According to kuya MJ, he also has a tattoo (Itlog daw ng dragon yung birthmark niya. haha)!

SONY DSCLover jump shot.

SONY DSCTrio jump shot.

SONY DSCMga alagad ni Onofre.

SONY DSCWe wanted to try Banana boat but it was too expensive and there were too many of us. Even the Jetski costs an arm and a leg so we opted for a boat ride with snorkeling.

SONY DSC SONY DSCOne of my frustrations is my inability to swim. I would have loved to jump in the middle of the blue sea and make my way back to the shore. Capital ASA.

SONY DSCAll of us shared in 5 goggles, give and take. What can I say? The view underwater was breathtaking and worth every ounce of saltwater I drank. It’s one thing to appreciate them in pictures and it’s another to actually see them with your eyes even if the water is not crystal clear. I was such a loser because I did not dare let go of the ropes attached to the boat. Hence, I wasn’t able to see the school of fishes farther away.

laiya1We left he place before dark because we still had to go home to Lipa. I have a new found appreciation for beaches (because I don’t get the fascination with them before).

SONY DSCIt was an awesome day. I realized more than ever that bodies of water are so vast one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore them all.

Thank you for adopting me cuzzos!


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