date with the beauty queen

The last time I saw my good friend Jinkee was last year. Stories have piled up too much that catching up is a must. I have things to tell her and she has experiences to share. After all, she became a beauty queen back home during her long hiatus in the metro.

1Good thing she was willing to meet me for dinner. Due to my training schedule and the screwed up  Manila traffic, I am currently only able to meet people past 7 PM on a weekday. We were supposed to fill ourselves up with German sausages and beer but our prospective pub was situated in a part of Malate where we were not comfortable of braving at night. We ended up at Gumbo’s mostly because I had a buy 1 take one coupon for their entrees.

SONY DSCMy friends are forced to call out to the inner vain in them when they’re with me.

1We spotted the bourbon bar which triggered the first of many topics — Absinth, an alcohol so potent people claim it causes one to hallucinate. Better look for a bottle and try it.

SONY DSCComplementary bread. It was warm and good. I don’t get why they go with oil though because aside from extra calories and almost non-existent tinge of garlic, it’s tasteless ergo, useless.

SONY DSCThe discount coupon entitled us to a free entree (whichever has lesser value). In this case, it was the baked lasagna, “Multi-layer lasagna, pomodoro, meat sauce and ricotta mixture with mozzarella“. Gumbo offers two sizes, petite and grande. Good thing we only ordered the former because boy, their serving was huge! Petite was good for two to three people depending on one’s capacity. Since Jinkee and I are weaning our bodies on overeating, one order was fine with enough leftover for another person on diet.

SONY DSCLook at all that oil. It was good but you need to consume it while warm lest you want a soggy pasta thanks to all the extra fats.

SONY DSCWe also had Creamy Cream Dory, “Creamy Dory fillet seasoned and coated with their special batter, fried to golden, served with U.S. fries, lemon wedge and remoulade sauce“. An order came with two sidings and we chose mashed potato and french fries. The fish was good, you rarely mess up dory anyway. The mashed potato was lacking gravy and the fries was delicious!

SONY DSCBy the time the pizza arrived, I knew we wouldn’t be able to finish everything we ordered. Heck, the whole feast would have been good for three starving or four normal people. To think that we almost ordered the grande versions!  Anyhoo, we had All-Meat pizza, “A hearty combination of pepperoni, Italian sausage, grilled chicken cube and andouille sausage“.

SONY DSCWe wanted to be seated away from the other customers (paranoid of eavesdroppers. haha) so the staff put us outside. Good thing we weren’t too picky when it comes to tables. Eating while people walk by doesn’t bother us one bit.

SONY DSCThe din din was worth the violation to my no-dinner/NPO after six petition. Who can say no to good food and good company? Diet can resume tomorrow. And modesty aside, I always always make Jinkee laugh.

SONY DSCIn the end, we weren’t able to finish the lasagna and the pizza was untouched. In the past, I would have forced the food into my throat to get the most out of what I paid for but not today. According to Jinkee, studies show that those who posses that attitude have a higher tendency to be obese (I present myself as evidence). Instead, I’ll stop when I’m full and make better decisions when ordering next time.

SONY DSCThe whole pizza went into two bags. I ate a slice just now so I can write something about the taste. Hmm, it was okay though you need to put in mind that my share has been sitting in front of the air conditioner for two hours. The rest will be consumed for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Gotta tighten my belt this week because it’s only Monday and I’ve already burned through my allowance. HAHA. Gumbo is advisable for large groups. Will return to try other dishes when I have more than one companion.

SONY DSCJinkee wanted Caramia afterwards so off we went. The place was empty and then I realized that it was already late, almost closing time. As the saying goes, time flies by fast when you’re having a good time.

SONY DSCtwosome times four.

2We shared in a slice of Brazo de Mercedes. It was delicious but I still love Mango Symphony the most. Sadly, I learned during my last visit that it was already taken out of their menu and was replaced by Mango Tango which wasn’t as good.

SONY DSCThank you Jinkee for paying more than I did! You’re coming home naman and money is not an issue whenever we’re in our home provinces (either the cost of living is low or there’s nothing to spend it on). See you in a few months! Oh, and my promise to be your sponge (if I’m not busy, lol) when you start med school is still in effect. :]

SONY DSCLastly, another #selfie (eww) because I love my hair right now. That’s what you get when you don’t visit the salon, are too lazy to comb, and wear a bun for 12 hours every day: long and messy and sexy.



2 thoughts on “date with the beauty queen

  1. Ewan ko kung saan niya napulot to but my dad taught me that the best way to eat the complimentary bread is by dipping it in olive oil mixed with parmesan cheese and a drop of soy sauce (to your liking). It’s legit good. 😀

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