Calm before the storm

Keeping in touch with friends becomes a challenge when you are beginning to tread different paths. Unlike when we were bums and always available, now we’re back to sticking with schedules and it kind of sucks when they’re conflicting. Things aren’t as black and white as Rico Blanco claims them to be when he wrote “kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto ย palaging merong paraan“.

If you’re lucky enough to have four bebes who are willing to procrastinate their graduate study requirements or wait for you at Jollibee Philcoa for an hour without whining for the sake of some quality time, then you’re one lucky sonofab.

Friday night was spent with my TLW loves. This time, it was Tords and Chabs who initiated the get together and that rarely happens so Dai and I happily cleared our calendar. Our first stop was Rodic’s for the famous Tapsilog. It was only after we have eaten that I remembered Chocolate Kiss and the still elusive Dayap cake. Dai hasn’t dined there yet so we better bring her one of these days.

asNext stop was Mang Larry’s for all sorts of grilled internal organs. Even at night, the place had lots of customers you need to wait for 15-20 minutes before your order arrives. This time, they give you a paper with a number written for your order. I prefer the old system where your name name is used, our favorite being “Chabelita“.

IMG_3720What I love about these three is the lack of the need to always talk, to always initiate conversations, to always affirm and confirm the friendship. The four of us could be in the same room without talking or doing anything together and we would still be fine.

IMG_3726Finally, the unhealthy post-dinner feast has arrived!

IMG_3821The order slip which Mang Larry himself wrote and computed manually and the oil-infested shiny vinegar, sinfully delicious. I promised myself I would only eat 5 sticks, one for each kind (isaw manok, isaw baboy, goto, botsi, special isaw baboy). I ended up finishing more or less 10 sticks. Nevermind because they’re worth the calories and carcinogens. Mehehe.

4Last stop was the dirty ice cream situated beside the isawan. It has always been our custom to buy one to clean our palates. It’s more expensive than your regular dirty ice cream but the cheese flavor is mucho delicioso!

IMG_3722foursome times four.

1The next day, after attending a seminar in Quezon City, I went to Dai’s condo to retrieve my phone. Bebe Ramm was there and they were doing some Evidence-based practice paper for graduate school. I took a nap because my total hours of sleep for the past 4 days was less than 20. When I woke up, I said the words “tara, Rob” and they happily left their requirements behind saying they’re not due till 12 midnight anyway. Gotta love these two.

We decided to try the newly-opened Miso-Ten at Robinson’s Manila (beside Starbucks) despite Ramm’s dislike for Japanese food. We promised to accompany him wherever he wants to dine in afterwards. I like the non-cluttered and spacious interior.

IMG_3850The offerings weren’t as extensive as others, five types of ramen, 4 different tendons and a kani salad. The rest were extras. It’s so simple it can be exhausted in three to four visits. Works just fine for me because I get too confused when presented with too many choices. We make decisions 24/7 so it’s nice to eat whatever is available.


IMG_3853The best thing about Miso-Ten is their house tea, a roasted blend. According to bebe Dai, it was the type she was craving for. For me, tea is only appreciated after repeated drinking. When I drank my first cup in Japan, my stomach almost spilled its contents but after two weeks of having the drink every single day, I remember thinking “hey this is actually good“. When I went home, the chain was broken and I’m back to the “ugh, no thanks” phase.

IMG_3848Gyoza. This was good but not as good as Ajisen’s.

IMG_3834Dai and I had Miso-Ten original. Since we were on a quest to cutting of our caloric intake, the way to go was to share in an order. When the waitress noticed that we only ordered one bowl, she asked if we wanted it to be served in two halves. Of course we do! Plus points for Miso-Ten!

IMG_3841The broth was delicious though I would have loved a lighter version. I like the noodles because they weren’t too thick. The pork chasyu was so good I finished it in one bite and then regretted the act afterwards (dapat tinipid ko). And the egg, oh, it was heaven because the yolk was cooked to perfection (meaning, still raw in the middle). Anndd, one half order is just right I was full and contented after finishing my part.

Bebe Ramm not liking any of the food and bebe Dai loving every ounce of it.

2Obligatory threesome vanity picture. Next stop was Jamaican Pattie and then Jamba juice afterwards for a game of pusoy dos and tong-its. Jamba has the best Wi-Fi in Robinson’s Manila, bar none.

IMG_3838Lastly, a #selfie (yikes) just because I love the pattern of Miso-Ten’s wall and my eyebrows are presentable thanks to Joycie! :]

IMG_3856I made the most out of these past couple of days because the coming week could be compared to a student’s hell week. I’m sure I’d be coming home midnight and skipping sleep thanks to exams, skills validation and of course, the video shoot.

Bring it on btchs.


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