Acupuncture (no. 181) plus ventosa and fried chicken

Thanks to Ensogo for the discounted voucher (599 pesos) to an hour of acupuncture, cupping therapy and massage from Wellness Sanctuary in Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo.

IMG_3801Dai reserved us for 7 PM because my commute back home begins at 6 PM (training ends at  5. Unfortunately there are extensions, after class meetings, etc) and traffic kind of sucks.

First off we were given forms where we wrote our basic information plus complaints. Frankly speaking, I only wanted to try acupuncture for the sheer experience of being stabbed with needles at particular points in my body, not for therapeutic purposes whatsoever (coincidentally though, I had leg cramps and muscle ache from climbing up and down 11 flights of stairs every day). After finishing the form, we were ushered into a room with comfortable chairs, dim lights and soft music. I would have preferred a bed but who am I to complain?

IMG_3761The doctors inserted the sterile needles in areas where we had symptoms (after cleaning the site with alcohol first). All the time, I was thinking of chakra points and Neji’s Byakuugan. Maybe, if the doctor hit a certain area, I’ll be able to use ninjutsu. I imagined myself doing kagebunshin and Rasengan and many other cool techniques.

IMG_3770Three needles were inserted in my ear. Did it hurt? Well, for someone who has had her ear pierced, it was nothing. According to the acupuncturist (?), this will help relieve my stress (whatever the definition of the word in my situation is).

IMG_3780Others went in my hands and arms. The needles were inserted in a circular motion and the doctor kept on asking if I was feeling a tingling sensation. If I answer no, she re-positions the needle until the said sensation is felt. According to Wikipedia, this is the De-qi, a lack of which means inaccuracy in hitting the points and decreased chance of successful treatment.

IMG_3767The needles were very thin there was no sight of blood. After all were inserted, we were left to relax in the room for 30 minutes. During that time, I talked with bebe Dai while drifting on and off to sleep. Again,  a bed would have been better.

IMG_3775Different acupuncture points. It is interesting to note that acupoints may or may not be in the same area of the body as the targeted symptom. 30 minutes, an assistant came and removed all the needles. Nope, I didn’t have that sudden burst of energy. In fact, I did not feel any different from my pre-acupuncture self.

IMG_3787Ventosa cupping therapy came next. I was excited when I saw the bed.

IMG_3788I was too sleepy and relaxed to document everything. I like this one better than acupuncture because I could feel the sucking power of the cups and it was really soothing. My only comment is the fact that the instruments used weren’t uniform.

3I believe the glass cups sucked harder basing on the marks they left behind, the ones on bebe were more prominent. The assistant said they’ll disappear within two to three days.

4Last part of the session was massage (I don’t know what it’s called). The masseuse asked if I wanted regular or hard. Since I heard Dai answer the latter, I opted for it as well. Little did I know that it would test my pain threshold. I could feel the bony elbows and my ticklish backbone was activated. So, I was torn between pain, laughter and pleasure.

It was after we left the clinic (in the escalator, to be exact) when I felt the effect of the acupuncture. The ache in my right arm and shoulder was gone (though my gastrocnemius still hurt). Nice! Plus the massage and cupping therapy revived my dampening Wednesday spirit (I call it the mid-week syndrome!). In Tagalog, the whole experience can be summed up in one word, sarappppppppp!

We grabbed dinner at Sincerity Cafe. Yay for their branch inside the mall!

IMG_3802The place was almost deserted because it was already past 9 PM.

IMG_3811Good, because we like to take pictures of ourselves when no one’s looking. Mehehe.

2The ever present complimentary tea

IMG_3746which only Dai appreciates.

IMG_3812We had large Sincerity Fried Rice (generous amount of chorizo!), half order of Sincerity Fried Chicken (always delicious! one of the best!) and pork siomai (it was okay. Any kind of siomai, I will eat anyway). Sadly, there was no chili sauce. How can a Chinese restaurant not have chili sauce?

IMG_3814Thank you Lord for this night. Never mind that I arrived home at 11 and slept past midnight (even if I have to wake up at 5:30 AM).


3 thoughts on “Acupuncture (no. 181) plus ventosa and fried chicken

    1. i know but going to him would have been too much of a hassle (plus i need to put into consideration his sched, etc). besides, i’m shy. hehe. maybe next time :]

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