All by myself at the 4th pyromusical

The original idea was to rant about the friends who left me hanging last week. I was supposed to write in detail how, at one point in your life, you’ll realize that no one will come with you and you’ll have to face some things alone (physically) despite the number of people who promised that they will have your back. But that would be too troublesome and it would only give me bad vibes in an otherwise great week. So I’ll write about my awesome experience instead.

After much second thoughts, I decided to stick with my plan to watch the show. With four VIP tickets on hand, I arrived in Mall of Asia past 7 PM. I became a scalper, re-selling the three tickets for 300 pesos (compared to the 500 pesos being sold in the area) but no one seem to trust me. I can sense that the people thought I’d rob them of their money or something. In the end, I just gave the tickets to a group of strangers. I was glad when I saw the joy in the little boy’s eyes.

SONY DSCVIP section was situated in the middle of the bay area of Mall of Asia. The whole place was barricaded. Gold and Silver sections meanwhile, occupied the sides and the roads leading up to the bay.

SONY DSCOther sections were very crowded and no chairs were provided while personal space was very apparent in the VIP section. And I believe the view was best in the latter as well. Why sacrifice comfort for a hundred pesos? Mehehe.

SONY DSCInside the VIP area were food stalls: Shakey’s, Tanduay Rum, Yoshinoya, and the very overpriced McDonald’s. Since I was in a hurry, I forgot to buy dinner and food is a physiologic need. In short, I succumbed to their 105 peso 5-pc Chicken McNuggets without fries or drinks. Argh.

SONY DSCYou have to get your ticket stamped in exchange for a monoblock chair. This one’s self service so you can sit practically anywhere within the vicinity.

SONY DSCSPOYS (Solo Picture Of You Saturday).

SONY DSCThe two countries performing that night were UK and South Korea. I’m not really good with words so I cannot describe the displays in intricate detail. Besides, my writing skill wouldn’t give them justice.

UK’s theme was “Burn the Sky” and they really did burn the sky. The accompanying music were well-chosen: Adele’s Skyfall and Set Fire to the Rain, One Direction’s Live While We’re Young and Rihanna’s Diamonds. Fireworks display is one thing I’ll always love. No matter how redundant and simple, it will always catch my attention. There’s something about colors bursting in the sheer black night.

Some pictures from UK’s display.

UKIf a picture paints a thousand words, how many words can a video tell? Here’s the display in it’s entirety. YOU. MUST. WATCH. IT.

After UK, there was a 30 minute (or was it an hour?) break before South Korea. During which, DJ Callum David played songs. The changing lights hurt my eyes and the too-loud music almost crashed my eardrums (because I was seated very near the speakers). I used the time to take pictures, re-asses my choices, evaluate my decisions and think about my life. naks.

1South Korea’s display was nice but rather mediocre when compared to UK’s extravagance. However,  theirs looked better in my pictures. HAHA. I couldn’t appreciate their music because (1) they’re not catchy, (2) they’re in a different language and (3) I couldn’t see the connection between the fireworks and the sound. The only familiar song was Gangnam Style (did you guess that right?). It would have been better if they used mostly KPop songs because aside from Kimchi, their popstars are making it big in the world. One example is Girls’ Generation’s I Got a Boy.

koreaThe show ended past 10 PM. There were a lot of people and I wasn’t in the mood to squeeze myself in with fellow commuters wanting to go home so I decided to stay a little longer  and let the crowd dissipate.

SONY DSCI had extra money so I went to Sebastian’s Cold Comfort to try the Once in a Blue Moon (Blue cheese  ice cream topped with walnuts and honey). The honey and walnut complemented the blue cheese, creamy and cheesy plus that unique rotten taste equals delicious. I found it great at first but overwhelming after a couple of spoonfuls. I love blue cheese, I just don’t think I like it cold (I prefer to dip something warm in it, like buffalo wings, AHHHHH). I wasn’t able to finish the cup I bought, didn’t even manage to eat half. If you want to try something new, try it. Otherwise, go for good ol’ Vanilla.

SONY DSCTo clean my palate of the weirdly nice flavor, I decided to grab some real dinner (because according to the impossible quiz at, chicken nuggets is “tasteless white filth”) at World Chicken. Two sidings this time because I deserve a reward for surviving the night alone and actually enjoying it. Grilled Chicken with Ranch barbecue sauce, Pesto pasta and Bacon rice. NOMS.

SONY DSCOh, and a manic-depressive person chatted with me (and violated my personal space by hugging me) before the start of the Pyromusical show. It was interesting and fun and I realized that one of the good things about being a nurse is the courage to talk to people who are otherwise feared/loathed/ostracized by others. The story will be for another day.

I was on my guard during my commute home. It was my first time to tread Buendia on a midnight, alone. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe!

Lastly, go catch the remaining shows for the 4th Pyromusical Competition.

Participating Countries/Schedule:

March 9, 2013
Italy (Ipon Fireworks S.R.L.)
The Netherlands (Royal Fireworks)

March 16, 2013
China (Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
Australia (Fireworkx Inc.)

March 23, 2013
Canada (Fireworks Spectacular)
Philippines (Closing Exhibition – Platinum Fireworks Inc.)


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