Summary and conclusion 4 years later

Giselle’s latest post is about Googling yourself and deleting any hideous accounts you have because prospective employers tend to do background checks on their future employees. This reminded me of a post I wrote in Multiply four years ago, Summary and Conclusions. Looking back, I realized that (1) My grammar has improved a bit and (2) I need to update my online profile which brings me to this post. The inkling to organize is greater than my desire to watch Naruto Shippuuden.

My old self wrote, “As much as possible, I want only one blog, one site, one account. But the circumstances won’t permit me. And I hate it, thank you very much for asking. So as a by-product of my OC-ness, here’s a list of all my shares in cyberspace. Anything not mentioned below are POSERS. Haha. (Well, I share my name with someone somewhere in manila).

The updated version is here!

Facebook – The most active as of the moment because announcements are posted here and I am always obliged to post pictures online.

Yahoo – I have made more or less five e-mail accounts (all in Yahoo) ever since I met the internet. Only my primary email is active because I still suck at remembering passwords. – I do not visit this part of me as often as I want. I only log in when I have a lot of free time because I almost always end up still browsing my dashboard (plus a lot of tabs on the side) at 2 AM. This does not make for a very productive day. – The URL of my successful Project 366 last 2012. I’m proud of this baby. – What else can I say? – My online counterpart of Jinkee’s humanvixen. When I read her post about her baby turning two, I found myself smiling because I could have written the same thing (with inferior grammar) about this blog. I have written 830 multilingual hideous beautiful heartfelt random posts in this baby. Lemme borrow Jinx’ words,

I’m happy to say that this web-diary has done me more good than talking to anyone.

You see, each post holds a little memory for me.

I write because I need to. Because I find peace of mind as I draw my thoughts into words. Because I can translate confusing feelings and emotions into concrete words.

I write because I’m in pain. And pain itself needs to be numbed out; to be equalized so as not to damage yourself.

I write because I’m happy, overjoyed. Because when you’re giddily happy you have no idea what to do. I write my happiness so as not to forget them; to be able to reminisce that yes, I was this happy then.

I write just because I find home in my words.

And right after I publish a post, I feel much better. I come out a winner; recharged for another battle.

Multiply – I abandoned this site because there’s Facebook for photos, WordPress for blogposts and people have moved on. Besides, the site has turned into a full blown marketplace. I am just thankful that unlike Friendster, which deleted every info of its users when it revamped, I could still see my blogposts and albums, a mirror of my transitional years from high school to college. – I had a short-lived love affair with this site. I stopped playing because the only subject I’m good at is Biology, Math frustrates me (and it rarely happens, believe me), and the questions during one season are redundant. – I tried logging in for the first time in three years and my account still works. Nice!

That pretty much sums up all my shares in the web. Just like what I said in my old post, I HAD an account in neopets (geezemo was the name of my virtual pet and he was pink), tickle (I answered everything! From the IQ to what color are you? tests), youtube, myspace and every other possible sites you can think of but I deleted them all. The others which can not be deleted (crunchyroll and newgrounds), I neglect.

Oh, and I made accounts on all the group buying sites (DealGrocer, Ensogo, Metrodeal, TCAT, etc) because I’m a sucker for a lot of things, discounts being one of them.


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