Lomi King X JT’s Manukan Grille

Went to Lomi King for the usual dose of Lomi when in Lipa. The original branch is I think in the vicinity of the public market. We went to the one near De La Salle Lipa because it’s already past 4PM. As my mother likes to call it, this is the more sosyal version because the place is air conditioned and the dishes are more expensive by 5 to 10 pesos.

SONY DSCRon and I shared in an order of special Lomi. Either the serving is too big or my gluttonous ways are diminished (I hope the latter) because we weren’t able to finish one bowl. More toppings would have been appreciated.

SONY DSCTito Del had Seafood Chami. The noodles used is the same with Lomi but this one didn’t have broth. Plus there was scrambled egg on top.

SONY DSCIf there’s one reason why people frequent this place more than other Lomi houses (aside from the air conditioning), it’s the diversity of the menu. Aside from Lomi and Pancit, they also serve sandwiches, burgers, frappes and etc. We tried their cheeseburger and it was decent at 65 pesos.

SONY DSCThe post cebum picture.

SONY DSCWhen I arrived in Manila, I was surprised to see my father. He visited and brought with him a desktop computer because my laptop Hugh, gave up on me after 5 years of good service. The usual dinner when my father is here consists of bola-bolang sardinas + sotanghon or a quick meal at Mang Inasal. One night, I wasn’t in the mood for another PM1 dinner so I forced him to come with me and try JT’s Manukan Grille.

I Googled the nearest branch and it was in The Zone, Malugay st., Makati City. According to Google, it was only 3.8 km away, 11 minutes by car. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one so we relied on the knowledge of Jeepney and pedicab drivers.

map2It was a jeepney and a tricycle ride away. I like looking for places and establishments especially when food is involved. Sometimes, I am more thrilled with the search than the actual place. Thank you Pangs for putting up with my weird habits.

JT’s Manukan Grille is owned by actor Joel Torre (hence, the JT, right?). I like the no frills menu and interiors.

DSC07759We had boneless bangus which was okay. I still prefer Max’s version thanks to the hint of vinegar. Their Chicken Inasal paa was good I can actually taste chicken, not preservatives. It was my first time to eat Kaldo (Kansi broth) and I like it. It’s nice to have real soup once in a while. My favorite though, was their Pork Barbecue, very affordable and delicious at 25 pesos per stick and one stick is enough for one rice (or two if you eat like the guys I know).

DSC07762They also offer San Miguel Brewery products and a bottle would have been perfect with the dishes but I was with my father and there’s no occasion so no alcohol for me. In fact, he was a bit disappointed that they served beer. He said the grille should be as wholesome as Mang Inasal (I disagree). Also, he’s a fan of rice-all-you-can and JT’s MAnukan doesn’t offer that promo.

Usual aftermath picture.

DSC07763I would love to go back and try their other offerings especially the chicken parts: baticulon (chicken gizzard), atay (chicken liver), isol (chicken bottom) and corazon (chicken heart). Spareribs also sound promising. On my next visit though, I have to look for another companion so I can drink beer because my father likes Mang Inasal better and going home from Malugay street was something he is not willing to do more than once. We walked all the way to Chino Roces and rode two jeepneys. Our commute one-way was longer than the actual time we spent eating. haha.


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