How to retrieve corrupted files

Friends know how bitchy I can get when it comes to files. I am one who will give my flash drive to the person who brought a camera and then ask her every single time to save high resolution copies of the pictures. I am the type who cries over the possibility of all my files being deleted and Chabs is a witness to that. When Hugh (mi laptop) crashed the first time and I still didn’t have an external hard drive for back up, I was hesitant to have it repaired. Many times, I got in a row with my father because he is fond of reformatting our desktop computer at home without my approval. When I lent Mikki my new external hard drive, she accidentally dropped it and all files vanished. She said she was so scared to tell me because she knew I would be irritated. Good thing I haven’t saved anything in the destroyed drive or else, I would not only be irritated but angry. Once, out of impulsiveness, I literally tore to pieces a newly bought memory card for my camera just because the photos I took the whole day (group picture with Sir Dex because we were the first he handled, picture with my CI crush wearing a vest and nursing week. Yes, I remember!) were corrupted.

A few days ago, I plugged in my memory card to back up the pictures from my camera. When I opened the window, I saw the photos together with folders with incomprehensible file names. I got anxious so I instantly copied the photos to my desktop. Halfway through copying, an “error” dialog box popped up saying the files were not in the destination blah blah. When I closed the dialog box, some of the pictures were already gone so I unplugged the memory card and checked if the photos could still be seen in my camera. They still were so I took a picture and again, plugged the memory stick on the computer. The same thing happened and after repeating the copy-error-unplug-plug process for 3 to 4 times, I got impatient and I scanned my memory card. Windows said all files can be found in the FOUND.000 folder. When I searched for the said name though, there were no results. I figured it’s a hidden folder and when the trick Ron taught me about showing hidden folders didn’t work, I sought the help of Google.

I followed the steps provided by the God-sent user named bionik in this forum and in no time, I was able to finally see the FOUND.000 folder. Problem was, all the files were in .chk format and it wouldn’t open no matter what program I use.

1Again, I asked Google for answers. According to this article, .CHK are file fragments cleaned from our disks. Oftentimes, these can be deleted for the information is elsewhere in our drives. Sometimes though (like in my case), you need to recover information from a .CHK file. Some more Googling lead me to this awesome Youtube video tutorial on how to change .CHK to JPG files. This is only applicable though, if you’re sure the fragments are all pictures.

Of course this story has a happy ending.

UntitledGrabe. I enjoyed the whole process, it’s like problem solving where you encode and encode until you succeed. It was my first time to try System32 and I realized I have an affinity with codes and commands, that’s why I enjoyed my C++ class in high school. Guess I should have pursued a career in Computer Programming. Chos.


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