no. 167 – Paintball at Global Gutz CCP Complex

One night while browsing through my emails, I spotted an item from Global Gutz through Global Gutz is a company that caters to paintball players. They offer gear rentals, basic lessons and usage to half a dozen paintball fields all over the country (for more info click here). The voucher was worth 199 pesos only and it already included protective gears and mask, guns, unlimited pass to the field and 25 bullets. Since playing paintball is one of the things I want to experience before I kick the bucket, I impulsively bought vouchers.

You can choose among three paintball fields when you buy from ensogo. Of course we chose the one in CCP Complex behind Star City because it’s the most accessible. We were reserved for 4pm on a weekday and we’re glad that there were no other customers when we arrived.

Contrary to the paintball fields I see on TV where the set up is jungle-like, the one we went to was rather plain, basically a huge grass field with drums and wheels and woods strewn all over for cover.

SONY DSCWe were asked to sign a consent but we did not bother to read it.

4Pads and masks.

SONY DSC SONY DSCKuya explained to us how to fire a paintball gun/marker. There was a button to be pushed if you’re ready to fire.

SONY DSCThe gun must have a loader or hopper where the bullets are fed. The only color available was yellow. The ammunition according to kuya is water-soluble paint covered in gelatin capsules. They’re rather harmless but anything discharged at high speed would hurt thanks to the impact.

SONY DSCCO2 or compressed air tanks are also part of the gun (so it’s rather heavy). I guess this is to increase the velocity of the paintballs when discharged.

SONY DSCWe divided into two teams, three on three. Dai, Pags and Chabs were Team Brown while Ramm, Tords and I were Team Black. Since getting a direct hit would hurt, I expected every inch of our body to be padded. Unfortunately, only our neck, upper arms and trunks were (plus the mask). The rest are exposed but as they say, no pain, no fun gain.

3The whole field is covered with nets to of course prevent stray paint balls from hitting innocent people. BTW, thank you kuya for taking most of our pictures!

SONY DSCWhen I first entered the field, I was a bit scared and very excited at the same time. Our team took the farther side and while walking on the deserted field, it somehow felt like I was going into war. And honestly, the feeling was exhilarating. When the facilitator signaled the start of the game, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. I was sweating profusely and breathing fast while moving from one cover to another, going closer to the enemy to have better chances of hitting them. I actually didn’t know what type of game we played, I guess it’s “last team standing”.

SONY DSCDuring our first game, everyone was adapting so we were just laughing and shouting and most of our fires missed. 25 bullets didn’t last long so all six of us bought another 40 pieces for 100 pesos (2.50/piece). IT WAS WORTH IT ANYWAY.

By the second game though, everyone had their game faces on. Blood lust (metaphorically) and revenge were in the air. BAHAHA.

SONY DSCYou’re not sure who’s under the mask so you just fire at anyone who wears a different colored armor from yours. Friendship was temporarily left behind when we walked past the nets. hehe.

SONY DSCI wanted to be hit a dozen times, the same way Sheldon, in one of the Big Bang Theory episodes, sacrificed himself for the sake of their team winning but I was meant “to hurt” instead of “be hurt” that day. Hmmm.

SONY DSC SONY DSCThe game is pretty safe compared to, let’s say, real guns but we had to cut ours short because accidents happened and both of them were my doing *insert sad and guilty face here*. I can not be entrusted with anything that can release tension/anger/pent-up feelings/frustrations by pulling the trigger because I go on a rampage.

First incident was Pags’ but I share the blame with Tords. The first game, I hit her on her side so the facilitator asked her to step aside. Tords however, thinking that she was still in the game, hit her point blank in the face. Thank heavens for the mask! In the second game, Tords and I again shot at her from opposite sides. She ended up with bruises and scratches in her elbows. Sorry Pags!

SONY DSCNext was Chabs. During our second game, when Tords and I bombarded Pags with paint balls, she fell down at one point and I used that opportunity to run to a different position while firing at the remaining enemies. At the same time that I was running for cover and unleashing paintballs, Chabs, concerned for her team mate, raised her mask (to see if Pags was okay) just in time for one of my bullets to hit her upper lip. There was blood, enough said. Sorry Chabso!

6I was very relieved when I saw Pags and Chabs laughing though I know their wounds still hurt. But it’s safe to say that we all enjoyed. SO MUCH FUN.

SONY DSCThank you Tords, Chabs, Dai, Pags and Ramm for coming with me! Thank you for tagging along to my little adventures even on short notice and little (or no) information. We should invite more players next time, or create a team and fight against strangers (to minimize the feels)!

SONY DSCFrom CCP Complex we walked our way to Adriatico street for dinner. And we couldn’t help but take a picture along Roxas Boulevard.

SONY DSCDinner at ChickenCharlie after the exhausting game and the more exhausting walk. Thank you to the staff for giving us discounts every time! It pays to be a suki!



5 thoughts on “no. 167 – Paintball at Global Gutz CCP Complex

  1. I really had fun! In fact, I slept late because I was loaded with endorphins.haha! Don’t worry ’bout my injuries..just think of it this way : It’s like I’m a little kid who learned to use the bike with slight injuries on the side.haha! More little adventures w/ you guys next time!:D

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