Ramen craving: SATISFIED!

Right after finishing Naruto, I sent a message to Dai on Facebook asking her if she wants to eat ramen with me either at Robinsons or Roxas boulevard (searched the web for decent ramen joints that are within Malate and two came up). It turns out she is also craving for the Japanese dish because of all the J-drama she currently watches. On our agreed day, Tords and Chabs are also in the area so they tagged along. Our destination is Ajisen Ramen, 3rd floor of Robinson’s Place Manila.

According to their website, Ajisen started in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968 and the brand currently has over 400 restaurants worldwide.

SONY DSCNo other customers aside from a lone lady on another table. I like their stall because it is tucked in the not-so-crowded part of the mall. Perfect for those who want a quiet and pleasant afternoon.

SONY DSCWe had a hard time placing our orders because we didn’t know the first thing about ramen except that it’s supposed to be good.

SONY DSCTea was served and the particles at the bottom remind me of teas served in Japan. I gave mine to Dianne.

SONY DSCGyoza, “handmade pork dumplings“. This was good even with veggies.

SONY DSCSpicy Tuna Sashimi, “tuna sashimi in special spicy sauce“. After a bad experience with raw fish years ago, I vowed never to eat one again. However, Tords encouraged me to try this and it was actually delicious. I expected the taste to be slimy but it wasn’t at all thanks to the mayonnaise, soy sauce and chicharon. Guess I’ll start giving sashimi a chance.

SONY DSCDai had Hiyashi Ramen, “Cold noodle with tomato, ham, egg, cucumber and crabstick in their special cold noodle sauce“. It looked (and definitely tasted) like salad to me, definitely not my type. But Bebe loves salads and veggies so she enjoyed the dish very much.

SONY DSCI tried their bestseller Ajisen Ramen, “BBQ pork, leek, boiled egg, cabbage and fungus“. According to their menu, the ramen noodles and soup are imported fresh from Japan. Their website further explains, “It all starts with Ajisen Oil, which enhances the taste of our unique Kyushu style white pork broth.Okinawa Natural Seasalt is used which is rich with nutritional properties. Ajisen Powder which is composed of a thousand kinds of Japanese spices gives our ramen its unique flavor. And finally, our Ramen Noodles are made out of 100% whole wheat which is cooked to an al-dente texture. This amount of detail to our dishes makes our ramen special from the rest.

SONY DSCI don’t know how to determine if a ramen is legit or not since my palate is too novice but I like Ajisen’s version. Everyone has individual versions of what is delicious and this, for me, is. I removed the cabbage, leek and fungus and my bowl was pretty plain afterwards but I was still satisfied. I just wish their eggs were soft-boiled.

Dai and I enjoying our noodles.

SONY DSCWe tried to imitate the slurping sounds Japanese make when they eat their ramen but we failed. And I have to learn how to properly use chopsticks.

SONY DSCFor dessert, Dai ordered Azuki Mochi Ice cream, “Japanese red bean, mochi and vanilla ice cream“. Vanilla ice cream is always good.

SONY DSCMoments with these three are always fun. Proof below.

SONY DSCThanks TLW! Love yow!



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