no. 68 – Dattebayo!

I just finished all 220 episodes and five seasons of Naruto. Whew! At 22 minutes each, that’s 4,840 minutes or 81 hours or 3 and a half days of my life provided I watched continuously but I didn’t. I saw 5 to 20 episodes per day for three weeks. Here are 20 reacctions about one of the most popular animes ever created:

  1. Brainwashing is a prominent theme in the series. Especially brainwashing at an early age. How else would Haku and Ranmaru be villains? I guess that’s why ninjas like Zabuza decide to invest on children with potential. Attention and human contact and love (even pseudo-love) are very critical during the first years of life. Get the loyalty of someone young and he will probably look up to you all his life..
  2. Flashbacks are okay if used moderately. They’re bearable if I watch an episode a week or even daily but during a marathon, they’re just a waste of minutes. Most of the time I just forward when a flashback starts except when Kakashi is involved. I can not sit through another repeat of conversations/fights I’ve seen half a dozen times in the span of a week.
  3. I bought a dvd of the whole series but it’s all kinds of wrong – faulty sound and video, translation is questionable or no translation at all, mismatched sound, late subtitle for as long as 10 seconds – this is what I get for being a cheapskate. I gave up after 100 episodes. Thank God for
  4. During the first 3/4 of the series, I was irritated with Sakura’s character. All she did was cry and go after Sasuke and think she is a burden (which, she was) and get into stupid fights with Ino and cover her mouth with her hands and cry again. She became less annoying when she started training as a medical ninja. We all have our paths and she has found hers.
  5. I like the thought that one needs to become a better ninja not because of thirst for power or blood but because you have something/someone to protect. Just like what one character said (I forgot who) it is not necessary that you hate the people in front of you, you just love the ones behind you.
  6. Kilig na kilig ako kay shikamaru at temari, most nakakakilig love team so far :3 followed by Tsunade and Jiraiya, well they’re not really a love team but it would be fun if they were.
  7. Thanks to Naruto and the countless scenes set at Ichiraku, I have been craving for ramen for weeks.  Alam mo yung feeling na ang sarap sarap kumain ni Naruto? I will definitely satisfy this.
  8. Most of the fillers (1 episode stories in between huge plots) range from mediocre to bad. At some point you get tired of kagebunshin and rasengan and all the little stories that end with someone being inspired and the protagonists winning and a new village being introduced. My three favorite fillers are laughing shino, the money style jutsu and the quest for Kakashi’s true face.
  9. Speaking of village, there are too many and some have names as absurd as country of vegetables, noodles, jam, honey etc.
  10. Orochimaru is just like the evil scientist who doesn’t know when is enough. He has illegal laboratories, conducts unethical experiments and doesn’t care about the dignity of human life. But he does all of this because he is obsessed with knowledge. In the first place, the reason why he wants to be immortal is to study ALL ninjutsus.
  11. I want to learn nihonggo. Their language is so cute. I learned some words through watching with subtitles, my current favorite being “ware ware” (my bad) especially when Kakashi says it.
  12. I like the story about old man Gen’nou because it is not predictable (the outcome is but everything else aside from that isn’t). Just the right plot to rekindle my interest with Naruto because I was getting tired of the same stories.
  13. Slooooowwwwww pace of events, that’s probably the series’ weakest trait for me. At 220 episodes, it felt  like it could have been compressed into 150 or less. Too many unnecessary frames and flashbacks.
  14. I’ve seen most of the first 125 episodes dubbed in tagalog when I was younger so I was technically only re-watching and understanding the few episodes I missed. This might explain my hostility towards flashbacks and decreased interest in the story (I already know what’ll happen, the suspense is absent). After that, everything was new and unknown to me so the experience was better.
  15. Episode 202 looked back on the top 5 battles up to that point chosen by the audience. I won’t spill the ranking for the sake of those who intend to watch the series in its entirety. However, I don’t agree with the majority.
  16. My top 5 ninja battles are as follows: 5th – Sarutobi (3rd Hokage) VS 1st and 2nd Hokage plus Orochimaru, 4th – Neji VS Naruto during the final part of the Chuunin Exam, 3rd – Drunk Lee VS Kimimaro (mostly because it was funny), 2nd – Zabuza VS Kakashi (both of their fights), 1st – Shikamaru VS Temari during the Chuunin Exam tied with Shikamaru VS Tayuya
  17. Everyone has a demon in their heart. It lives deep in the human heart and suddenly appears at times…we should control our monsters.” – very well said Kurenai! Sabi nga sa Bible, the human heart is deceitful.
  18. To watch or not to watch Shippuuden? People say it’s better than Naruto but it currently has 297 episodes and it’s far from over.
  19. Ekkkkk, scratch that. I already started watching Shippuuden and am currently on episode 21. I promise not to watch more than 10 episodes in a day. Hopefully, by the time I catch up, the ending is in sight. I don’t want to wait for 7 days just to see the latest episode. Yes, technology has more or less robbed our generation of patience.
  20. Since I have mentioned him a couple of times already, you probably have guessed by now that Hatake Kakashi is my favorite character. He is so cool I know it’s weird and creepy but I have a huge crush on him and it knows not the boundary of time or space or, in this case, reality. His long absence left me wanting. He was last seen on the event about the cursed samurai at around ep 160 and he only reappeared at ep 216. KAKUIIIIIII!!!

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