Hungry Hippo X Central X Nene’s

I was supposed to visit Hungry Hippo with Ate Janine and Ate Karen but it was still a weekday and both of them have jobs. Instead, I dragged Athan who, just like me, had nothing better to do on a Friday. While searching for the location online, I found out that there are also branches in Paranaque, Pasig, Laguna and Makati (I thought it was exclusive in Lipa)! Visit their website here.

SONY DSCThe predominant colors were violet and pink. They don’t exactly improve the appetite but still cute.

SONY DSCEspecially the mural on the wall with hippos.

SONY DSC SONY DSCIce cold water is always appreciated, more so if we didn’t ask for it in the first place.

SONY DSCAthan had Baconburger with cheese, “Our bestseller and a favorite among regular customers! Our specialty burger topped with generous portions of delicious bacon topped off with a slice of cheese“.

SONY DSCI had Cheeseburger, “Our Famous Burger served with a slice of cheese. Served on a soft sesame seed bun garnished with crisp lettuce, a slice of fresh tomato and cucumber, and topped with a dressing of mayo“. Of course the veggies were absent.

SONY DSCI first tried their burger when my aunt brought one home years back. I remember being wow-ed because it was covered in aluminum foil and the patty was so delicious. The quality is still the same. Hungry Hippo is affordable and filling. I would be back to try other items in the menu since they also offer rice meals, all day breakfast and sandwiches.

SONY DSCAfter an unfortunate incident involving a drunk person whose dog died and Ate Janine’s family business, I found myself in a Barangay Hall. It was scary and fun at the same time. After almost two hours of explaining, going through the events again and again and finally, agreeing on a resolution, we were starving so we went to Central Lipa because a drink was much needed.

For me, the Central there is better than the ones here in Manila because the place is huge especially the parking lot. Also, it is al fresco so non-smokers can breathe and the music isn’t too loud we can actually hear each other and converse properly. The only thing missing are the super bibo waiters who dance when asked to. The customers are generally more wholesome. haha.

SONY DSCWe had one meal each on top of cheesy potato and nachos. We’re not big alcohol drinkers so we weren’t able to finish one pitcher of Strawberry Margarita (Note to self: Always order Lime flavor and don’t forget the salt). It was a “chill” kind of night, my kind of night.

SONY DSCThe next day before leaving for Manila, Athan, Tito Del and I went to Nene’s Mami and Siopao somewhere in Lipa City’s Public Market. This place reminds me of my grandfather, mamay Doni, because we used to always eat here after buying goods in the market more than 7 years ago.

SONY DSCSpecial sauce for the siopao and mami, fish sauce, ground pepper.

SONY DSC Mami is served with only a spoon and I haven’t seen anyone who asked for fork. The noodles were flat and soft and the broth was somewhat similar with that of Ma Mon Luk’s but with a stronger taste of garlic. When I started eating here, one regular sized bowl was only 25 or 30 pesos. Now it costs 40 pesos. Special on one hand is 60 pesos, just a bigger version of the regular.

SONY DSCThe unusual thing about Nene’s siopao is the filling being put after the dough is already steamed, like in a sandwich. I think they do this to reduce labor. According to my father, next to making the dough, filling it was the most difficult process in siopao making.Β The customers don’t mind the deviation so it’s fine. Just like the mami, price inflation affected the siopao, from 15 pesos to 20 pesos and shit got smaller.

SONY DSCPeople usually order “isang pares” (1 pair) meaning one mami and siopao. However, one siopao isn’t enough so we usually order an extra (or two). Paired with soft drinks, it’s a very satisfying meal. NOMS.



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