Trick art mit meine schwester

While browsing through countless group buying sites (which I have joined out of curiosity and have half regretted since due to tons of e-mails every day), I saw a promo for Trick Art Museum and 3D Cinema for 149 php. I first heard of the place thru a batchmate and have wanted to see it for myself for the longest time so I immediately purchased two vouchers and went with my sister on a Wednesday to avoid the weekend crowd.

The museum was under Seri Fantasy land in the second floor of Manila Ocean Park

SONY DSCWe first had to exchange our vouchers into tickets so we went to the ticket booth where this lady was having a hard time explaining to a group of customers that they already missed two out of the four films because it was already 2:30 in the afternoon. The representative of the latter was complaining and saying that there should be a refund or free tickets to other attractions since they were not informed when in fact show times were specified in the details section of the voucher. If they badly wanted to make the most out of their deal, they should have come earlier.

SONY DSCA word of advice for people fond of group buying: please read everything because promos have loopholes. If it’s too good to be true, read again. It probably is.

After almost 30 minutes of delay, finally, Trick Art Museum. Our objective was to have a picture with the paintings utilizing the correct angles to create an illusion of depth and dimension. I learned through Google that a museum of the same name exists in South Korea only bigger and better.

SONY DSCThe place was surprisingly small and it consists of 21 (or was it 29?) paintings. Good thing we visited on a weekday or else it would be impossible to have shots without people photo bombing in the background.

SONY DSCAlmost all paintings needed two persons for the picture based on suggestions posted but there was only Ron and I so we just took turns.

SONY DSCTrick Art opened two or three years ago and some of the colors were already fading. Wish I visited earlier.


Other paintings and the generic poses we did.

8 SONY DSC 10 SONY DSC SONY DSC 7 SONY DSC SONY DSCThis one’s my favorite though. Because I couldn’t even perform an eggroll much more a headstand.

9As for the 3D cinema, we saw a 15 minute film about birds migrating. It was okay but I was never a fan of 3D cinemas, they make my head hurt. We skipped the other film.

The place is something that’s okay to visit once. I suggest you go there with someone who is vain, creative and fun to be with. Never go with people who are hard to please and/or complain a lot (i.e. ito na yun?). Seriously, stop whining and start appreciating. :]

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