Gelatissimo X Bulgogi Brothers X Pinkberry

Gelatissimo with Bebe Dai while waiting for Kirk, Rigo and Abi. Rum and Raisin which was superb and Roasted Almond with melted Nutella. Nutella did make a difference.

1And we camwhored because the camera of her new phone was awesome.

10Bulgogi Brothers for dinner after Abi and Dai’s rave reviews. The place was packed we were lucky to get a table.

IMG_3221 IMG_3211 IMG_3212The side dishes: Corn, quail eggs, baked sweet potatoes, lettuce with dressing, kimchi and two other things I don’t know the name of. As what is expected in a Korean restaurant, you could ask for another serving of these side dishes. I think Maru’s spread was better tho.

IMG_3198The place was expensive for bums like me. Expensive as in the recommended dish of Dai, the Bulgogi Brothers Special costed 1,200 pesos and it was only good for 2-3 persons. Whew. I didn’t have that much money to burn. I don’t remember what we had but based on the description from MunchPunch, I think it was Gwangyang Style Bulgogi, “easoned beef with sweet sauce. Served with bean sprout, sesame leaf and green onions” plus a bowl of rice for everyone (75 php per serving btw).

Frankly speaking, we chose based on price, it’s the cheapest item in the menu at 595 pesos for 4-5 persons. Hmm, what can I say, the meat was really tender. All in all it tasted like Korean-style beef steak to me.

6Surprisingly, we were quite full after finishing our order, thanks mostly to the refillable side dishes. Next time, if I have enough moolah, I’d like to try the highly recommended Bulgogi Brothers Special as well as the bulgogi burger. In terms of satisfaction and value for money though, I’d gladly go to Maru.

Next stop was Pinkberry for something light and healthy (naks). That’s just how we roll, dinner sandwiched in between two desserts.

IMG_3061The staff first asked if it was our first time in their store. When we answered yes, she was helpful and very patient in explaining and giving us free samples of the yogurts.

IMG_3058Toppings. Fruit-wise, mango would always be part of my order because it’s almost always the only thing I eat in the entire selection. Remember, I am mostly carnivore.

IMG_3176As far as I can remember, small size costed 145 pesos and it already included 3 toppings of your choice. Though I like Tutti Frutti’s concept where you put any toppings to the amount of your heart’s content at 20 pesos per ounce, it’s nice to have your cup done for you proportionally.

IMG_3177Over our own froyos, we reminisced childhood memories: the songs we sang (boybands, m2m), the games we played (langit lupa, ice ice water), the candies we ate (bazooka, mikmik), the movies (magic temple, batang px) and shows (Sineskwela, hiraya manawari) we watched and every other special thing (slumbooks, kisses, sticker almbums, pencil cases) that made that chapter of our lives happy. Thank you abs, dai, kirk, and rigo for the reminder that our childhoods were freaking epic.

Lastly, thank you papsi Kirk for your pasalubong fresh from South Korea. I very rarely wear nail polish but it matched my top so…



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