Masarap ang libre

If you’re in an FX bound for Fairview to meet a friend and that said friend suddenly couldn’t make it, don’t be sad. Just go down at Commonwealth, climb the overpass and walk your way inside the University of the Philippines Diliman for PasaFest 2013!

En route to Kalayaan Residence Hall, we bought fruit shakes. For 40 pesos, the serving was good for two. The kuyas were kind enough to put the excess in a smaller plastic cup.

DSC07737Cza had strawberry while I ordered Mango.

I saw the poster for this year in Joey’s Facebook wall. Nicky has been inviting me since 1st year college (when he was still a resident of the dorm) and I never came for reasons I can no longer remember. Nursing-related, I bet.

524851_327411940698464_1288269239_nKalayaan is a dorm exclusive for freshmen students of the university and Pasafest is a yearly event where they showcase the different food and delicacies from their home region. There was a program before the actual food tasting. The students presented cultural shows and costumes. Unfortunately for me and Cza, we arrived late (because we hesitated a bit and thought outsiders weren’t welcome) so we didn’t have a good view of the stage in the midst of all the heads.

DSC07739We checked some of the booths before the displays were massacred by hungry participants.

DSC07740 DSC07741 DSC07742We bumped into Joey who encouraged us to go back to the ‘program’. He wasn’t being KJ. It’s just his job as Resident Assistant. After the long program, all hell broke loose. Everyone started running to his target booths. People started grabbing foods and food stubs/tickets were disregarded. Proper queues? Non-existent. Everyone was hungry and everyone wanted a piece of everything. I thought of taking pictures but (1) people were pushing and shoving and cutting lines for the sake of carbs and (2) my camera battery died on me.

Anyway, it was still an amazing experience especially because it’s free. Yes, the students do this yearly for the sake of promoting the province/region where they come from more than anything. Cool!

Cza and I were able to have a decent loot. We first visited Region 2’s stall where they served Binallay, Carabao Chicharon (the best! we wanted to steal a pack!), Tupig and etcetera. There was Sisig from Pampanga, Durian candy from Davao, Pastel from Cagayan de Oro, Lechon from Cebu, Mangosteen, Tarts, Humba, juice, sardines, pastries, rice cakes, peanuts and so much more. It’s like visiting the 7,107 islands of the country in one night! There were so many Cza and I gave up even if we weren’t able to visit all regions.

DSC07746Salute to whoever started this. I hope it finds a better venue and a bigger crowd. I just wish it was more organized.  I heard half a dozen different dialects tonight yet we were all united by the love for food!

Happy tummies, happy faces. Thanks Cza!



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