Manila by day

I woke up to Dam’s text message about lunch at Chicken Charlie with Ramm and Dai. I said yes because I woke up before 12 for the first time in days, I haven’t seen Dams and Ramm for a while and heck, it was ChickenCharlie.

After disturbing the otherwise quiet place (we feel at home in their branch at Adriatico and the staff even know us by face. Certifiedย suki.), we decided out of the blue to go inside the Chinese Temple along the same street. We’ve passed by this building a million times before and we were curious.

DSC07636We first asked the guard if we were allowed and he was kind enough to let us in although he warned us that taking pictures was prohibited on the second floor of the building. According to a strict andย masungit Filipina caretaker, it was a Taoist Temple and majority of the churchgoers were Chinese. When we took two free incense each to ‘offer’ to the gods, she reprimanded us saying we were supposed to take 3 pieces because 2 means death or something like that. After we lit them, I approached her to ask more about the place but she said we shouldn’t be there barging in other people’s religion for it might lead to bad things happening. In short she told us to go to Quiapo and praise the Nazareno.

After the temple, we took a cab and went to Manila Zoo because Ramm has never been to the place. Entrance fee for non-Manila adult residents was 40 pesos. As long as you have an ID addressed in Manila though, you only have to pay 20 pesos. Good thing for us because Alumni cards of Universities in Manila were accepted! If you’re such a cheapskate, entrance is free every June 24, Manila Day.

DSC07641First stop was the elephant. I feel sad for this creature because it was alone and it looked old and dry. You can feel its loneliness just by looking at it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Removing animals from their natural habitat sucks (yay for safaris!).

DSC07646High rise residential buildings everywhere!

DSC07653Zoo merchandise.

DSC07651Ramm. Dai. Dams.

DSC07652Cutiepatootsie turtles. I dream to see them lay eggs and then move towards the sea in the future!

DSC07648Reptiles. We went on a Saturday and it coincided with a school field trip which explains the huge number of kids running around. It was a blessing because they appreciate the mere sight of a snake or an iguana so much my adult impasse was put to shame. Going through this hall without their “Oohs” and “Ahhs” and childish yet funny comments would have been dull.

DSC07647Ootd. Chos.

DSC07655Of course we had to enter the kinder zoo because this is where you get to actually touch animals. The four of us had a hard time coming up with the 100 pesos separate entrance fee each. We argued and laughed for 20 minutes or so before Ramm lent Dams the money because the latter has a habit of not paying hehe.ย Grabe, it’s hard when you don’t have the steady cashflow which is a student’s weekly allowance.

DSC07735 DSC07720Oh hello, reptiles.

DSC07727I wasn’t scared at all because (1) I’ve held them before (2) their mouths were taped and (3) they would not be displayed in public if they were dangerous. My companions, however, did not share bravado. They shouted and cursed and I laughed at them. We became the center of attraction because other zoo goers found the scene of 3 adults almost out of their wits because of tamed reptilias amusing. The entrance was so worth it. haha.

DSC07666It took a couple of minutes before a decent shot was taken because they kept on running away from the alligator.

DSC07664The guys rode the poor horse. Dai and I didn’t because kuya said we were too heavy (ouch). Dams was also a heavyweight but he insisted.

4Bebe Dai and I with the birdies.

2 11Another kuya let us feed the freely roaming wild boar. When I first approached the animal, Dai remarked “lukso ng dugo” and we all laughed so much it actually hurt.ย Of course we didn’t escape from Dams’ teasing.

DSC07699This reminded me of Nigel Thornberry because of its beak.

DSC07702We were about to leave when another kuya approached us with the offer of holding a monkey. It was fun seeing him put a diaper on it. Also, to prevent the animal from biting, a pacifier was in place. It was unusually warm and heavy. Most epic laugh of the day was when Ramm accidentally said “look at Daddy” to get the monkey’s attention while taking Dams’ picture. HAHAHA.

6Everyone was so accommodating inside the kinder zoo. Plus there weren’t too many people. We practically had the animals to ourselves.

DSC07721Before we left, the ate at the entrance forced the three of them to hold two reptiles and pose in a photo op for the entrance fee to be sulit. Dai declined no matter what. Ramm, after much shouting, threatening and running away, survived. Yehey!

67Meanwhile, Dams…

DSC07676DSC07678We left the zoo after an hour. Rizal park was supposed to be the next destination but I had to meet a high school friend in Espana so the three of them just roamed around Robinson’s Manila. I had a busy schedule after a week of living like a hermit. hehe.

DSC07736In Dams’ caption, we’reย zoophilics. ktnxbye.


14 thoughts on “Manila by day

    1. benta talaga ang ingay namin! ganun ba, let’s go some time! dalhin alumni card para 20 pesos lang entrance. o kaya dun kayo magcelebrate ng monthsary ni kuya pao. hehe :]

    1. you should try it too. btw, i was checking your bucket list last night, one of them is to skate on ice. i saw a discount coupon for the rink in mall of asia for 220 pesos (all day pass). better grab it and scratch that item off. :]

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