no. 77 – 2 days and 2 nights

January 8 4:00 PM to January 10 4:30 PM.

In the 48 hours that I did not consume anything except water, I was surprisingly never hungry and I actually found the exercise to be quite easy with the help of prayer. On one occasion though, I offered my junk food to my siblings and they proceeded to eat it immediately. The flavor unfortunately, was garlic, and the aroma enveloped the room in less than a second. It did not make my stomach grumble but it heightened my craving for something to put in my mouth. And then I realized, 80% of the time, I really am not hungry and my body really does not need the extra calories. It’s just my desire talking and commanding me.

I read somewhere that we have two nervous systems. The first one is obviously the central NS while the second, which can perform independently, is the Enteric NS, also called our ‘second brain’. This controls our Gastrointestinal System. Ever wondered what causes the sudden bout of diarrhea when someone is nervous or the loss of appetite if heartbroken? This might be the explanation.

I digress. Overall this item in my bucket list is interesting, it gave me a new perspective on eating. After all, man does not live on bread alone.

Anyway, the first thing I ate after my fast was my favorite snack, Jamaican Pattie!

DSC07614Cheesy beef OM NOM NOM. I had mild stomach ache after consuming this piece of heaven. I guess I should have slowly introduced solid food into my system.

DSC07615Eh, no need for weaning because by dinner time, I was able to go back on my regular diet. After all, it was only two days. hehe

First Shakey’s of the year with Pangs and sibs. Buffalo wings I love you.

DSC07620Thank you Lord for the strength and willpower to finish this task!


4 thoughts on “no. 77 – 2 days and 2 nights

      1. still waiting for new post hehehehhehehe. isa sa mga kinaaliwan kong tignan at basahin pag idle ako dito sa office. dalawa kayong favorite ko. ung isa kay asunta rufino and syempre ang pinakapaborito ko and roving rani……..sama ko na rin si PANGS. fan nyo n talaga ako πŸ™‚

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