Masuki and Sincerity

90% of the time, I am only able to go to Binondo when accompanied by my father because with him, I am confident to bring out my camera and take pictures. Plus of course he always pays so I don’t have to think of the budget, I just order what cyches my fancy (as long as I finish everything because Pangs hates wasted food). So I am making the most out of his stay!

Our first stop was Masuki Mami House along Benavidez street. I’ve seen their branch in Mall of Asia but I am a firm believer of visiting branches outside the mall, preferably the original ones. The logic was: food will be cheaper and more ‘authentic’.

DSC07595The interior was reminiscent with that of Ma Mon Luk’s in Quiapo sans the high ceilings and marble tables.

DSC07584The no-fuss menu.

DSC07592I had asado Mami

DSC07586While Pangs had chicken mami. After our orders were delivered, he read again the menu and he was disappointed when he saw that they offered beef mami.

DSC07587I was so relieved when the spring onion was served in a separate bowl. haha. We were also given their famous asado sauce, which was meant to be poured into the noodles to give it that unique ‘Masuki’ taste.

DSC07588The bowl post asado sauce. It gave the broth a sweet taste which I wasn’t fond of. Pre-asado sauce, their mami tasted almost the same as that of Ma Mon Luk’s. I like their noodles, firm and not icky. Aside from that, nothing extraordinary about their version of mami. Regular size was big enough for two already (or am I beginning to lessen my gluttonous ways? I hope!). Lingnam is still the best for my father.

DSC07591We also ordered siopao and when I eat one, I look for two things: good filling and good dough. Masuki’s version fulfilled the first one with flying colors but failed on the dough part, ‘dry’ in my father’s word.

DSC07590I was already quite full from Masuki but I still had one place in mind, the Sincerity cafe and restaurant which was closed during our visit last Sunday. The store offers a lot of viands and I would love to try them all but my stomach wasn’t up for the challenge.

DSC07598I like the ‘happy’ colors of the wall.

DSC07597I just ordered half of their fried chicken at 150 pesos and a bowl of rice. When it arrived, the first adjective that came to my mind was ‘plain-looking’ but when I had my first bite I understood what all the hype was about. The chicken was tender and delicious and flavorful and the skin crispy. The last time I was amazed with fried chicken was when I had my first ChickenCharlie and I couldn’t even compare the two because it’s doing both of them a disservice. YOU. MUST. TRY. THIS. CHICKEN.

DSC07599It was so good I finished the plate despite my tummy’s protests. Pangs only had one piece and he approved as well.

DSC07601I will be back for sure. Because their version is too delicious to forget and substituting other brands wouldn’t suffice.


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