The chips few have appreciated

One of my room mates back in the school dorm introduced me to salt and vinegar potato chips back in 2008. When she opened her bag of Lay’s, I was the only one who appreciated the salty and sour combination. Ever since I was hooked and up to now, I am still thankful to Ate Clarisse.

Since late last year though, I’ve been having a hard time getting my hands on Lay’s (my favorite brand mostly because it’s the only one I know/have tried and you don’t go looking for another if you are satisfied). I’ve been to 6 grocery stores (3 in the province and 3 in the metro), still to no avail. When I whined on Twitter, a friend tweeted there were a few pieces left in Cavite but I wasn’t so desperate as to commute for an hour for a bag of chips (though it’s still too early in my craving to tell).

I blame the weak following of this flavor. In every 10 person I recommend it to, only 1 appreciates the junk food covered in blue wrapper. Maybe that’s why it’s blue. The last time I saw one, it was on sale for 50% because the expiration date was within the month. Of course the supermarket wouldn’t restock on merchandise that is not in demand.

A while ago while Pangs and I were roaming around a mall in Sta. Cruz, I spotted a supermarket and immediately went inside to check if they had my chips. As expected they only had Original, Sour Cream and Onion and Barbecue flavors.

Because of my love for Salt and Vinegar I have read this Taste Test from They “ taste the leading brands to find the distinct differences and rate them with tasting scores“. Kettle Brand was ranked number one with a score of 7.11. Since reading the article, I have always dreamed of tasting the brand but since Lay’s was already hard to come by, what more this one.

Imagine my surprise when, as I was about to leave the store, feeling defeated, this little thing caught my attention.

DSC07574The ‘promises’ on the back comforted me a little because I was about to devour a whole bag of chips. I just wish this would live up to its hype (I found myself salivating when I was reading the justification of its ranking in the article). Very excited for the ‘kick’, if you know what I mean.

DSC07578I have no other brand to compare it to except Lay’s so let this be a battle between the two.

The chips were thicker, less crunchier and more acidic compared to Lay’s. The vinegar was so dominant it felt like I was sipping one every time I put a piece in my mouth. In short, I loved it to bits!

DSC07575To show that I was serious with ‘loving it to bits’, when the last bite was gone, I tore the bag and oh my chips, aside from the crumbs, I could still make out something liquid that I know isn’t grease so it’s vinegar!

DSC07581And now we shall go to the best part of eating a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips, removing the remaining crumbs with your fingers and you know what happens next. HMMMMMMM (not OM NOM NOM because it’s salty and sour so you keep your mouth tightly shut to seal the flavor and let your organs of mastication feast).

DSC07583Except for the crunchiness factor, Kettle Brand beat Lay’s on all aspect pertaining to taste. However, Lay’s have one advantage that is hard to ignore: the price. Kettle brand, at 144 pesos was a bit wanting in serving size which was only about 5 servings. Lay’s at 108 pesos boasts 7 (or is it 9?) servings. A bag of the latter could last me the whole day, or at least the whole afternoon while the former did not live beyond 60 minutes.

DSC06395 (2)I guess Lay’s would still be my regular go-to brand and Kettle Brand would be reserved for special occasions. haha.


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