Back in Binondo and the jeepney from planet disco

First Binondo trip for 2013 because Pangs arrived from the province this morning. I had no place in mind so when we saw Hap Chan on our way to Ongpin st, we gladly stopped by.


DSC07554The always present hot tea. Hap Chan has the cutest container though. Reminds me of beer.

DSC07552I wanted to try their Japanese siomai but the waiter said there was a waiting time because it would still have to be steamed. Being hungry, I settled for the readily available regular siomai.

DSC07550And of course, Pang’s favorite Chicken Feet. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t eaten one for a long time but while munching on this a while ago, I was thinking, “this is the best chicken feet. EVER.”.

DSC07551I had Pork Congee with Century egg. The pork was shredded finely. Century eggs are always good. Plus chili sauce and soy sauce, this was great!

DSC07557Pangs had beef brisket noodle. The beef was tender and delicious, as usual. I have yet to experience badly cooked beef in Binondo because everywhere we’ve been served decent noodles.

DSC07558And we are good to go.

DSC07559I brought my water tumbler with me because I am trying to remove soda from my life and I have cough and colds. Guess I’ll bring this more often because it saves money spent on drinks when eating out.

DSC07562There weren’t too many people roaming the streets in this part of Sta. Cruz on the first Sunday of the year though it would get more and more crowded as the Chinese New Year approaches.

DSC07561I wanted to try pancit and fried chicken from Sincerity Cafe in Yuchengco St. Unfortunately the place is closed on a Sunday. Maybe next time. Besides, I was already (and surprisingly) full from our Hap Chan meal.

DSC07563But Pangs wasn’t so we stopped by Chuan Kee for his second meal of the afternoon. haha

DSC07564This is my dream look for 3 sisters: tiled floor, printed menu, lots of lights and glass, small tables that are easy to clean, hidden kitchen, uniformed waiters and monobloc chairs. Except the primary colors would be red and white instead of yellow and violet. Someday, when I already have the money for renovation. hehe

DSC07565 DSC07566Pangs had kiampong, tofu and free soup. Nope, not for me. I only eat tofu on two occasions. When it’s part of Tokwa’t Baboy and/or when it’s thinly sliced and fried.

DSC07567We decided to head towards Lucky Chinatown Mall next. When we went here last year, many stalls were still closed and there weren’t too many people. We saw on a sign that Sincerity Cafe has a branch on the ground floor but this place is the high end mall in Sta. Cruz, the sosyalΒ version of 168 and the like. Because I don’t want to buy a more-expensive-same-tasting-fried-chicken, I’ll just go to the store in Yuchengco st. next time.

DSC07571On our way home, we unfortunately rode a jeep with a deaf and colorblind driver. That or he is out of his mind because Aegis’ Basang Basa sa Ulan remix version was playing full blast and the lights were alternating green red and blue. I was starting to have a headache so I just closed my eyes but my body could still feel the vibration from the speakers to the tune of “Eto ako ngayon, nag-iisa/Naglalakbay sa, gitna ng dilim“. I don’t know which was worse, the actual situation or the fact that I could sing along because hey, I actually know all the lyrics?!

DSC07572Pangs meanwhile was making fun of the driver saying even if he shouts ‘para‘, he wouldn’t hear. Not actually funny but laughing is the best and most sensible thing we could do in the circumstance.

DSC07573When we were stuck in traffic along PGH, Pangs and I left the jeepney even if it meant walking a few meters more because we couldn’t take it anymore. While walking away from the vehicle, we could still hear the next song on the playlist which was “Halik“. We both laughed some more and thought of our fellow passengers still trapped. Never mind the stares of passersby. HAHAHA

One thought on “Back in Binondo and the jeepney from planet disco

  1. hahahahaha natawa ako dun sa jeepney part πŸ˜€ yung sa isang resto nalala ko mv ng parokya ni edgar na shinoot dun :DDD I miss binondo πŸ˜€ sana makapunta tayo sa chinese new year!! πŸ˜€

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