childhood and changes (part two)

The canteen was moved in front of our house. It is just 1/5 the size of our old place and the income isn’t as big as well. Good thing I am already done with school while my sister would graduate (hopefully) this March.

SONY DSCIt’s not all bad though. At least my mother could take a nap anytime she wants since the canteen literally starts after you leave our doorstep. Plus, opening and closing the place became easier and simpler. And according to some friends who have visited, it looked cleaner compared to the old one beside the wet section of the market.

childhoodaLife has a funny way of reminding us of the little things that we have to be thankful for. Before, everything could be bought within one minute. Cheese, dustpan, clothes, ice and etc. Now, since most of the former lessees of the market have moved to a new building that is far in my terms, I no longer have the freedom to buy something on a whim.

SONY DSCThe building could still be seen from our house. Come to think of it, I couldn’t really blame the government if they decide to tear it down because I can see that it is a liability. It’s like a bed ridden man, once he was strong, but now he is rendered useless and in this somewhat utilitarian world of ours, we all know what happen to things that have no value, things that gain no profit. I knew the old would have to make way for bigger and better things, I just didn’t expect it would be this soon.

SONY DSCAnyhoo we survived the drastic change which the people likes to call typhoon *insert Mayor’s last name here*. That’s what humans do, we survive and we thrive. After all, we are not in this alone. We have God so we have hope.


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