no. 192 – PUTO A DAY

In 2012, I resolved to take a photo a day for an entire year because (1) it was a leap year and I’d have 366 pictures instead of 365 and (2) it was a monumental year in my life, what, with graduation and the board exams.

It was really hard at first because I had to always have a camera with me and much as I want all the pictures to be at least decent, some were plain crappy thanks to the unreliable camera of iTouch 4. Most have people and food in them because they’re the easiest subjects to photograph (for me). Of course there are busy days and there are boring days and this activity made me appreciate the importance of both. Hey, one needs some alone time despite being a social being you know.

Anyway, on my ride home a while ago, I panicked for a second because I spent the whole afternoon with Dai but I was unable to take a picture of her or the food we ate or whatever thing that’d remind me of today. And then I remembered, it’s already 2013 and I am done with my little project. haha.

If it takes 21 days to make a habit, imagine what 366 days will do.

0 putoaday

High Res photos with captions can be viewed here.



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