Guarding my fruit: Self Control

For the past month or so, I have been ranting about the Professional Regulatory Commission’s ‘alphabetical’ rule for registration and claiming of license for Nurses. You see, my surname is letter ‘U’ and while most of my friends are already taking pictures of the PRC ID their parents paid half a million bucks for (thanks Jinks, love that caption!) and posting them on social networking sites, I am grudgingly waiting for this day, December 13 to come.

SONY DSCI found it unfair that others got their hands on the said license last November just because their family name is ‘Abad’. I blamed PRC for all the missed opportunities to pass the requirements for hospital employment early because most of the institutions are not content with the claim stub. When I argue that I would not have the card until December, they said that I should wait.

But you see, waiting is not my cuppa tea. In fact, I sorta lost my temper a while ago at PRC because their ‘protocol’ was not effective. Thanks to Dai’s joke about her ‘fruit’ falling down and rolling on the floor (a reference to patience being one of the fruits from the Holy Spirit), I laughed and was back on track.

When we went to Manila City Hall afterwards to pay the Professional Tax Receipt, I was suddenly ashamed of myself for losing my patience regarding my license and not trusting in God’s proper time. To make a long story short, if I got my ID even a day earlier, I would have paid 300 pesos for the year 2012 and then would be required to pay another 300 come January 2013. Fortunately, starting today, the licensing division was accepting payments for the 2013 calendar so I need not pay for 2012! I know it’s shallow but for a broke person like me, 300 pesos is a really big help! Thank you Lord!

I promise myself to always try to control my impatience especially at this point, almost 9 months out of university, 4 months since passing the exam and still jobless. There’s no harm in actively waiting (‘actively’ because ‘passively’ will take you nowhere).


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