commuting and eating

Dai and I enrolled for an Advance Cardiovascular Life Support provider’s course at HCAI in Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig. Good thing the training was only for one and a half days because the two of us weren’t used to commuting (living within walking distance from St. Paul for four years, haha). From our meeting place in McDonald’s Pedro Gil-Taft, we had to ride the LRT and then move to the MRT from Taft to Boni Avenue station. Both lines could be hell during rush hour with people forgetting their manners just to get in and out of the trains fast. Good thing there are Berso sa Metro.


After that we had to walk towards Robinson’s Forum and alight a tricycle up to a certain branch of McDonald’s (which reminds me of a story in the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad about the founder of the brand, Ray Kroc’s real business, not selling hamburgers but real estate!). Lastly, we again ride a green colored tricycle to Brgy Kapitolyo.

DSC07492Not only was the commute tiring, even the training required a lot of effort. Unlike the Basic Life Support where I was confident that I’d pass, ACLS was harder. Heck, I even failed the written exam by three points and repeated the Megacode return demonstration twice. But it was fun. For once, I am the leader in a medical team. I told doctors to prepare this medication and that, to do this and that, etc. hehe.

Anyway, since the commute was nakakatamad, I know I wouldn’t be in Kapitolyo as much as I want to so bebe and I decided to use the opportunity to try out some of the hidden food places in the area I read about on the internet. I actually have half a dozen on my list but since the training was only one and a half day and you can only eat so much for lunch and early dinner, we only covered two. I’ll just look for other reasons to go back there in the future.

First was Good Burgers, just a one minute walk from HCAI.


The only difference between Good, Better and Best is the patty. Good has 1/4 pound, Better has 1/3 pound while Best has two 1/4 pounds (or 1/2 if you add). I like their menu, the description was simple. we did not specify if we’ll have Chicken or Veggie patty. Maybe the staff deduced from our appearance that we are not vegetarians.

DSC07497When the burgers were served I was smiling because they were covered in aluminum foil. I don’t know why but I like burgers in shiny foil.

DSC07501Potato Wedges were good albeit the portion was small for 40 pesos.

DSC07503The burgers we tried (on separate occasions of course) were 3 cheese (Mozzarella cheese, Cream cheese, Cheese Sauce), Bacon Mozza Melt (Bacon bits, Mozzarella Cheese, Mayo), Margherita (roasted tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, cheese) and Silly Burger (sour cream, garlic chilli, cheese). They were all great except Silly Burger which upset my stomach and was too spicy. Next time I want to try Herb Delight! Only one picture because they all look the same.

DSC07506I have to say this for the record, I LOVE GOOD BURGERS! It was delicious and affordable and the bun had pan de sal-like qualities and they’re served in foil (haha). Presentation wise, it wasn’t very appealing but Good burgers had me at hello the first bite. It was so delicious I was teasing Dai that she might have one of her crazy cravings and I might be dragged all the way to Pasig in case. I was scared, not because of her cravings and the ‘dragging’ part but of the fact that I’d willingly commute for an hour for the sake of a burger, this burger.

DSC07507We also tried Three Sisters’ Restaurant of Pasig. We decided to eat here for dinner because it was walking distance from HCAI and the name was “Three Sisters” incidentally the name of my parents’ canteen back home though the apostrophe’s placement was different.

DSC07509Yay! We were too early so no dinner crowd! We were seated beside a table with small time real estate investors and Dai and I were tempted to eavesdrop on their conversation. They were on their way to check out a property somewhere in Pasig and according to one guy, now is a good time to buy land using bank loans because the interest is low. Also, townhouse > condominium.

DSC07511A bowl of Nido soup.

DSC07516Liempo with Java rice. This was good. The meat was tender though fatty and the serving was big and that’s really a plus point for me.

DSC07518Halo halo.

DSC07520There are still a lot of places I would like to try in the neighborhood. For the meantime, I need to save money and wait for a better form of public transportation.


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