Food photodump

I once saw a quote in an Olympic Village store that said “A year from now, you’d wish you started today” and though it was general, the first thing that came to my mind was about losing weight and being fit. Starting has always been easy but quitting was easier still.

But I digress for this is a food appreciation post. hehe. After one year, I look at all the yummy things I ate and somehow, the pounds I gained didn’t sound so bad. But then again, I don’t stare at pictures 24/7 and the remainder of my days are spent feeling guilt and remorse on top of Dams’ negative reinforcements. I’ll get there.

For the mean time, some things to fill the sense of sight.

Tuna Verde from Pasta Boy. Dai and I frequent this place whenever we have an ‘unknown craving’, our taste buds yearning for something we don’t know. Tuna Verde never disappoints. This is so good the smell is enough to make your stomach grumble even if you’re not hungry. Plus, it is served warm after a five minute wait. For sixty pesos, not that bad.

DSC07277Not sure if this is Whitee White or Great White. It’s creamy even if the sauce was half full thick cream, half powdered milk.

DSC07278On a different day, I accompanied ate Clarisse to Greenbelt and we decided to try Gelato by Gelatissimo. Different flavors on display. Rum and raisin was good but I wasn’t a fan of raisins so I opted for a different flavor.

DSC07281Ate Clarisse had White chocolate. It was nice but a tad too sweet for me. A scoop in a small cone costed 80 or 90 pesos I think but it was worth it because the serving was big, enough to sustain us on our walkathon along three different buildings in search for the perfect neck tie for Tito.

DSC07282I was supposed to stick with basic Vanilla but the choice was too safe and I was feeling curious that day so I had wild cherry instead without tasting it first. It was good except I don’t eat cherries and there were lots.

DSC07283On our way to other adjoining malls, a newly opened shop called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery caught our attention basically because my room mate loves pink and cute things and the design was both.

DSC07286Cute for her. Too girly for me.

DSC07287The takeout box was too bulky for one cupcake and I hate carrying bulky things so I decided to finish the cupcake there and then.

DSC07290I tried their newest offer, peanut butter with chocolate chip something. The price of the items were written in pink, I repeat, pink ink on a mirror so it wasn’t exactly readable. Imagine my surprise when I learned that this tiny cupcake costs 95 pesos. Wow. It was good but still, a hundred bucks for a regular sized cupcake? Ah, that’s life.

DSC07291After finding the perfect green tie, we decided to eat (again) at Chili’s. We had Skillet Queso, “appetizing cheese dip with seasoned beef. Served with warm tostada chips“. The serving was humongous, the dip was warm and cheesy and salty and the chips were crunchy. This would have sufficed as a full meal for two ladies. haha.

DSC07292But we decided to share in an order of Chicken Ranch, “Crispy breaded chicken breast with tangy wing sauce, cool ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato“. It came with forgettable fries.

DSC07296Ate Clarisse answering the survey. Soon, our server, was very kind and competent.

DSC07297He even refilled the chips when we had our remaining food for take out. Yey! Ate Clarisse and I want nothing wasted, especially food.

DSC07299When I had my IVT completion in Laguna last week, I decided to bring Ate Dianne and Tita Dhel the Chocolat cupcakes I raved about but the nearest branch was in Mall of Asia and I was too lazy to go there. Thanks to twoanyone (, I had 12 pieces delivered on my doorstep at my appointed time for only a 10 percent delivery charge. will definitely use their service again.

DSC07308Was curious about Dr. Pepper. Nope, not my type. My tongue still belongs to Mug Rootbeer.

DSC07311Plus the tacos in a convenience store Ate Dianne said were good. They were so so.

DSC07317Friday night was spent attending a seminar for a prospective business (naks) in Ortigas and eating our hearts out in the Banchetto beside Robinson’s Forum. It reminded me of the one I went to with friends along Emerald street. In terms of food choices, Emerald has more to offer but comfort wise, I prefer Forum’s. We were able to eat in peace on actual tables and chairs, we weren’t in a hurry and pleasant hour long conversations were possible.

Yay for grilled intestines and blood, sisig and bagnet, lasagna and pizza, chicken and palabok, brazo de mercedes and juice drinks.

Yay for food! :]


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