Lights and sounds

Jinkee ‘tweeted’ me about the snow in WordPress. Indeed, there were little white dots falling on my dashboard! Christmas is really in the air albeit I felt it a bit late this year. I miss home, waking up early and accompanying my father to open our humble canteen to the tune of Christmas songs while everyone else were in slumber, buying gifts for loved ones (I can’t do that this year, no money), cold weather without accompanying rain or storm (Manila y u so polluted?) and many other things.

Good thing there’s Robinson’s Manila with the bluish motif for decorations this year. For four years, the giant tree in Midtown atrium has always been there to remind me of the coming holidays.

DSC07254Also last week, I dragged Dai to Ayala Triangle for the dancing lights show.

I was in a bad mood because a friend made us wait for 3 hours. I was so pissed we left without him even if he said he was already walking towards the taxi stand. Dai and I were in time for the 8:30 show, the second to the last. The lights dissipated my anger and turned my heart of stone into all mushy and mellow. I was guilty about leaving my friend afterwards. Aigooo.

DSC07263I am very shallow and easy to please so I almost forgot that I brought my camera because I was intently watching the show with a smile permanently plastered on my face even though some parts made me dizzy.

DSC07266Just an abservation: It felt like majority of the people, especially the adults, went there just so they could post a picture with the lights as the background. Sad for them because they have become impasse. Some were watching the show through the lenses of their cameras and iPads and whatever other gadgets. Adults have that problem sometimes, we have lost the ability to be amazed by simple things, like forgettable lights ‘dancing’ to the tune of Christmas songs. No one even clapped after the show! I know it wasn’t that mind blowing but it’s common courtesy to at least clap after a FREE show.

DSC07267And it’s not only applicable with the lights, even Christmas. I remember being super duper excited for the yuletide season when I was younger. First, I would turn a year older, then there was the long school break (without take home assignments), elementary school Christmas parties and of course, my gift from Santa. Now I am aware that Santa was just my mom and there’s no school to take a break from.

DSC07268But then, when I am reminded of the real essence of celebrating Christmas, that is, the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior, I am instantly thankful. If not for a Christmas day more than 2,000 years ago (because December twenty fifth is controversial), we are dead meat.

DSC07275Thank you bebe for being there wherever my feet itches to go and supporting whatever catches my fancy without second thoughts!

1Let us remember that this season is much more than gifts and decorations and food and family reunions. Merry Christmas! :]


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