no. 164 – the once fad that was cross stitching

One day, I found myself in SM Megamall and knowing that somewhere in the building was one of the few branches of DMC Creative World Store, I went and bought myself a cross stitch kit.

Among all the patterns, I chose Love Manila by DMC X TeamManila because it was cheap and suitable for beginners like me. Plus, this was written on the cover.

The pattern consisted of only three colors and it was very easy compared to our framed ones at home bought by my parents.

There were tips written on the back page and one was to determine the middle of the fabric and then start from there. I thought this would be really easy. Easy as in I would be able to finish it in two hours or less. My plan was to mark the fabric using different colored pens for guide so I wouldn’t have to count the tiny squares every time.

Alas, my plan backfired because the cloth was black and as we all know, ball point pens, pencils, gel pens and other sort of pens would not be seen on black background. I resorted to counting and it was the hardest part. Though I love numbers, I hate counting because I always get confused and it needs patience, something I have yet to develop.

Half a dozen times I had to reverse the stitch because I counted too much or too little. Plus, there was the huge inconvenience of running out of threads.

My projected two hours became four and eventually seven hours. After finishing my ‘art’, my eyes and right index finger hurt and my head ache but seeing the finished product made me smile. Grabe! If this tiny piece of cloth took me seven hours, how much more a really big cross stitch. Kudos to myΒ titaΒ Elen and all the people who took this as a hobby and/or did it for a living.

Comparison. I ran out of the yellow thread and I decided to personalize my artwork (Gah, I like typing that. My artwork. Haha) by stitching my name and the date it was started and finished.

In a time of generic gifts and fast paced life, a little cross stitching won’t hurt.

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