Cafe breton

Woke up to a missed call from Dianne. After that, I saw her message about her post midnight crepe craving. Hence, we went to Cafe Breton after a satisfying ChickenCharlie brunchendia (brunch + merienda).

We were with Ron and Ramm who had errands of their own. Ms Mijares, one of the best teachers one could ever have, joined us after some time. Compared to most of my batchmates who were her students in three or four subjects in our four-year stay at St. Paul, I only had her once for Physics in my 1st year summer class. Still, I love Ms. Mijares!

Dai had herbal tea. I am not a big fan of tea so I don’t know what this tasted like.

Ramm had Lost Paradise, “Stewed apples with cinnamon, vanilla ice cream, raisins marinated in rum“. He did not like the bitter aftertaste of liquor but I think this was good. But then again, Ramm doesn’t drink as much as I do. haha

I forgot what Dai had except that she paid for additional chocolate syrup and other toppings.

I had La Pinay, “Mango, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce”Β partly because of it’s name and mostly because it had Mangoes. Mango is 33.33% of the kind of fruits I eat (the other 66.66 being banana and apple). And everything gets even better with Vanilla ice cream.

Ron was undecided so I ordered Adam and Eve, “Stewed apples with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream” for him because of the cinnamon. Unfortunately, he didn’t like apples and though I love the fruit, it did not go well with cinnamon in this instance.

Cafe Breton’s Crepes were thinner compared to that of Crepes and Cream but the taste were quite the same for me. I like the former’s presentation better but I’d gladly go to the latter because Crepes, especially those served with Vanilla ice cream, are better eaten with a plastic spoon than, let’s say, silver fork and knife.

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