Breaking necks

Finally saw Breaking Dawn part 2 last night with my high school friends. I did not want to shell out 180 bucks to see the film but there are certain things you do for the sake of friendship.

The baby was cute except she looked fake. No, sod that. She WAS fake. I know nothing about visual effects but really, they could have used a real infant. Another “bad effects” scene was Edward and Bella’s first hunt.

These two vampires have chemistry and they’re my favorite characters. AND

The five to ten minute fight scene was the highlight. Actually, the only thing worth mentioning and writing about (aside from Robert Pattinson’s beauty and the love team above). I loved the part where everyone was breaking everyone’s necks (decapitation galore!) plus a wolf here and there. It was intense and funny and heartbreaking.

Part 2 was sort of unnecessary since half the film was murmuring and staring, one fourth opening and closing credits and whatever was left, the big face off but the producers needed to extract all that could be extracted from the merchandise so there.

Finally, no more Twilight Saga. I am still team Edward and still am not ‘feeling’ the sparkly thing. At least it was a happy ending and happy endings, no matter how bad the journey was, are always appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Breaking necks

  1. I am deeply disappointed (lol) that Lee Pace had to play a vampire when he is heaps better of as Thranduil (aka Legolas’ dad) in The Hobbit! HNNNGGGG.

    Hahaha. I never watched the whole Twilight saga and I regret buying the first book. A pile of trash! /burnsthebooklol

    I cried when RPatz died as Cedric Diggory at GoF but then I cried harder when he suddenly became a sparkly gay vampire. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THE WHOLE TWILIGHT SAGA AND STEPHENIE MEYER :)))))

    1. hahaha. so, the actor who played Garett (the vampire) is also playing Legolas’ dad. Cool. I haven’t read The Hobbit but I’m excited for the movie because Freeman is playing Bilbo and Cumberbatch’ voice!

      Ouch, at least I never bought a book but I am guilty of reading them all and I have to say they’re better that what people are reading now (fifty shades).

      yeah he’s better off as Cedric though for me he still is handsome despite being a sparkly gay vampire. HAHA

    1. ang taray! sorry sa head dress (?) ni kuya, at sa kilay niya! HAHA.

      grabe, ang layo ng itsura niya as an elf and vampire. naiirita ako sa sarili ko kasi di ko pa maappreciate ang lotr at hobbit books huhu.

      1. Ang taray talagaaaaa because he is the Elvenking. /swoon

        Pero ako rin, I never got to finish reading the books. Nagstart ako sa Fellowship pero sumakit lang ulo ko. Hahaha. And I never touched the set na regalo sa akin ng kuya ko :))

      2. kaya nga eh. parang pang sobrang talino/special/bookworm niya. at may nabasa ako dati sabi it’s different daw when you finish reading the trilogy before puberty at tsaka after or something like that. sana pala binasa ko na nung bata pa ako, siguro baka maintindihan ko yung mga nagsasabi na it’s even better than HP. :]

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